Ajooni 10th August 2022 Written Update: Rajveer apologizes to Ajooni’s family


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Episode begins with PA assumes Ajooni’s family as servants. He orders them to serve guests. Subhash introduces his family to him. PA apologizes to him. Ravinder threatens someone on a call. PA introduces Subhash to Ravinder. Media people comes there. Ravinder introduces Subhash to media people. He clicks photo with him. Harvinder comes there. Media people tries to click his photo. He scolds them for clicking his photo without his permission. Ravinder tells Subhash that Harvinder is his eldest son. Media reporter asks Ravinder that why the latter choosed a middle class girl for Rajveer. Ravinder says that he don’t differentiate between rich and poor.

On the other hand, Rajveer’s mother introduces her family ladies to Ajooni’s family. She asks them about their guests. Bindu says that they could not invite anyone because of Rajveer. Beeji tells her that they did not had time to invite anyone. Rajveer’s mother and Bindu taunts each other indirectly. Rajveer’s mother asks Dolly to show their place to them and leaves from there.

Ravinder introduces Mr. Chawla to Subhash. Mr. Chawla says that he knows Subhash because Subhash working at his university. He adds that Subhash is students favourite professor. Ravinder asks them to talk and leaves from there. Mr. Chawla asks Subhash to not worry about leave because the latter is Ravinder’s relative now.

Later, they performs Rajveer and Ajooni’s haldi ceremony. Priest says that Subhash and Neeru has to wash Rajveer’s feet. Bindu says that they don’t know about that ritual. Bebe forces Subhash and Neeru perform the ritual. Meanwhile, Ajooni asks God to give strength to her. Harvinder’s friends gossips about Rajveer and Ajooni. Meher overhears their conversation. She warns them to not badmouth about Ajooni. Harvinder sees everything. Bharat falls on the floor because he stepped on oily floor. Dolly laughs at him.

Later, Bindu and Meher brings Ajooni to marriage mandap. Rajveer gets mesmerized seeing Ajooni. Aman tells Dolly that Ajooni looking beautiful. Dolly tells her that Ajooni looks beautiful because of make-up. She adds that she looks hot today even though she is not bride.

Priest asks Rajveer and Ajooni to exchange varmala. Rajveer and Ajooni takes varmala. Ajooni refuses to put varmala on Rajveer. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. She says that Rajveer has to fulfill her condition. Bebe scolds her. Ajooni tells her that Rajveer already agreed to fulfill her condition.

Rajveer recalls that what Ajooni said in the Gurdwara. Bebe asks them that what is the condition. Ajooni says that Rajveer has to apologize to her family. Bebe and Ravinder questions Ajooni’s upbringing. Subhash asks Ajooni that what is all this. She asks him to not stop her today. Rajveer says that he will apologize for sure. He apologizes to Ajooni’s family. He tells Ajooni that he can do anything for her. Ravinder says that this marriage won’t happen now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bebe says that they changes their daughter in law’s name. Rajveer says that he already choosed a name for Ajooni. Ajooni says that she won’t change her name.

Episode begins with Kamal asks Subhash to handle himself. Subhash tells him that he can’t do anything for Ajooni and he cries. Kamal tells him that they can’t change the destiny and leaves from there. On the other hand, Rajveer’s mother asks Ravinder to not get angry. He scolds her for not making Rajveer understand. Ravinder’s PA comes there and tells Ravinder that he collected information about Ajooni’s family. He says that they are middle class family. He adds that he feels like they trapped Rajveer for money. Rajveer’s mother tells Ravinder that they can meet Ajooni once. Ravinder scolds her.

Rajveer comes there with gun. Bebe asks him to return the gun. Ravinder asks Rajveer to stop this drama. Rajveer points gun at Ravinder. Ravinder mockingly says that he was waiting to see this day only. Rajveer points gun at himself. Everyone gets shocked seeing that. Rajveer asks Ravinder to accept his marriage with Ajooni. Others pleads Rajveer to drop the gun. Rajveer says that it’s between him and his father so others should not interfere. Ravinder tells him that the latter’s marriage can’t happen with Ajooni no matter what. He says that Rajveer won’t shoot. He tells him that he taught him to shoot. Bebe tells Ravinder to accept Rajveer’s marriage with Ajooni. Ravinder accepts Rajveer’s marriage with Ajooni. He says that Rajveer disappointed him today and goes inside. Bebe slaps Rajveer. He asks her to bless him. She tells him that he don’t care about her. He tells her that he has so much to do and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Neeru and Meher packs Ajooni’s luggage. Beeji tells Ajooni that she never thought the latter’s marriage will happen like this. She says that she is not sure that she can meet Ajooni or not after marriage. She gives their family photo to her. She adds that she don’t have anything else than this. Ajooni hugs her.

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