Ajooni 10th February 2023 Written Update: Dolly discovers Harsh and Shikha’s motives


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Episode begins with Rajveer’s friends helps Rajveer to decorate the terrace. They says that Ajooni will like this for sure. Rajveer sends them from there and he waits for Ajooni. He calls Ajooni but no response from other side. Shikha notices Ajooni’s phone and takes it. She lies to Ajooni that her phone was ringing. Ajooni goes to her room and searches her phone. Sundari comes there and tells her that she found her phone in her room. Ajooni notices Rajveer’s missed calls and she calls him back.

She reaches the terrace. She tells Rajveer that decoration is beautiful but he forgot to inform her. He tells her about card. She tells him that she did not get any card. She says that Sundari would have throw it in the dustbin by mistake while cleaning the room. He shows sorry cake to her. He says that he saved Sundari that’s it. She tells him that she is not angry at him because she trust him. He gets happy hearing her. He says that his efforts went in vain. She plays music and dances with him. They recalls the moments they shared with each other.

Next day, Dolly mixes something in Ajooni’s face cream to get revenge on her. She sees Harsh sneaking into the house. She wonders that what is he doing there and follows him. Harsh goes to servant room. Shikha tells him that they will end up in trouble if anyone saw them together then. He tells her that they love each other. He reminds about their plan. He tells her to stop playing with Ajooni and focus on stealing money and jewel from locker. She tells him that that won’t be easy until Ajooni is there. Dolly overhears their conversation and leaves from there.

Harsh tries to leave without Ravinder’s knowledge. Harvinder tells Aman that his face cream is missing. He goes to Rajveer’s room to get face cream. Harsh hides seeing Harvinder. Harvinder takes face cream and applies it on his face and leaves from there.

Everyone laughs seeing Harvinder’s black face. Harvinder gets confused seeing them. Aman tries to clean his face. But he stops her. Bebe asks him that how it happened. He tells her that he used Rajveer’s face cream. Rajveer says that he also applied his face cream but his face looks fine. Shikha says that Ajooni must have done something. Ajooni tauntingly tells her that she dreamt Harvinder will use Rajveer’s face cream so she did this.

Sundari sees Harsh and screams thief. Rajveer catches Harsh and brings him to the hall. He questions him. Sundari says that Harsh would have mixed something in Rajveer’s face cream. Harsh says that he came to talk about office work. Ravinder gets scissors. Dolly tells him that she mixed black color in face cream.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder is about to blacken Dolly’s face. Ajooni says that she forgave Dolly. Shikha tells Ravinder to punish Dolly. Dolly taunts her. Shikha tries to slap Dolly but Ravinder stops Shikha.

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