Ajooni 11th August 2022 Written Update: Rajveer, Ajooni gets married


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Episode begins with Ravinder says that this marriage won’t happen and leaves from there. Rajveer follows him. Ravinder tells him that the latter’s marriage can’t happen with Ajooni. Rajveer tells him that he worked hard to convince Ajooni for marriage. Ravinder tauntingly says that he can see that. He adds that Ajooni insulted Rajveer in front of everyone.

Rajveer tells him that he don’t have any problem with that. Ravinder tells him that in future Ajooni will make his family apologize to everyone. Bebe comes there and asks Rajveer to go to marriage mandap. Ravinder tells Bebe that Ajooni can’t become his daughter in law. Bebe tells him that she also don’t like Ajooni because Ajooni is like snake. She says that she will teach a lesson to Ajooni after marriage.

Subhash asks Rajveer that what all he has to witness now. Ajooni tells him that it’s good if Rajveer’s family don’t want this marriage to happen. Dolly asks her to not show attitude. Harvinder asks Subhash to teach Ajooni to not speak like that. Rajveer asks him to not interfere in the personal matter. He asks Subhash to not worry because this marriage will happen. Bebe comes there with Ravinder. She asks Rajveer to complete the marriage rituals. Rajveer gets happy hearing her. He takes her and Ravinder’s blessings.

Ajooni and Rajveer exchanges varmala. They sits on the marriage mandap. Subhash performs Kanyadhaan ritual. He asks Rajveer to take care of Ajooni. Rajveer promises to take care of Ajooni. Subhash performs Gathbandhan ritual. Priest asks the couple to start the pheres. Ajooni and Rajveer completes the pheres. Priest asks to bring nuptial chain.

Rajveer’s mother Harman gives nuptial chain to Rajveer. She asks Ajooni to not lose the nuptial chain because that’s really expensive. Bebe says that Ajooni would not have seen expensive things. Rajveer ties nupital chain around Ajooni’s neck. He fills her forehead with vermilion. Priest announces that from today Ajooni and Rajveer are husband and wife. He tells them to take elders blessings.

Ajooni and Rajveer takes Bebe’s blessings. Bebe tells Rajveer that she agreed to this marriage for his happiness. The couple takes Ravinder and Harman’s blessings. Ajooni looks at her parents. Dolly says that they should take her blessings too. Bebe reminds her that Rajveer is her elder brother. Dolly says that at least Ajooni should take her blessings. Rajveer tells her that the latter should take Ajooni’s blessings. Dolly moves from there.

Rajveer and Ajooni takes blessings of elders of Ajooni’s family. Bharat asks Ajooni to not worry about anything. Rajveer says that Ajooni is his responsibility from now on. He asks Meher to visit his house whenever she want to meet Ajooni. After some time, Bebe says that they should change Ajooni’s name. Ravinder says that he wants Ajooni to participate in Sarpanch election so Damini name would suit her. Rajveer’s family discuss about Ajooni’s new name. Rajveer says that he already choosed a name for Ajooni. Ajooni says that she won’t change her name.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni tells Beeji that she married Rajveer to take revenge. She warns Rajveer’s family. Bebe is about to slap Ajooni but Rajveer stops Bebe.

Episode begins with PA assumes Ajooni’s family as servants. He orders them to serve guests. Subhash introduces his family to him. PA apologizes to him. Ravinder threatens someone on a call. PA introduces Subhash to Ravinder. Media people comes there. Ravinder introduces Subhash to media people. He clicks photo with him. Harvinder comes there. Media people tries to click his photo. He scolds them for clicking his photo without his permission. Ravinder tells Subhash that Harvinder is his eldest son. Media reporter asks Ravinder that why the latter choosed a middle class girl for Rajveer. Ravinder says that he don’t differentiate between rich and poor.

On the other hand, Rajveer’s mother introduces her family ladies to Ajooni’s family. She asks them about their guests. Bindu says that they could not invite anyone because of Rajveer. Beeji tells her that they did not had time to invite anyone. Rajveer’s mother and Bindu taunts each other indirectly. Rajveer’s mother asks Dolly to show their place to them and leaves from there.

Ravinder introduces Mr. Chawla to Subhash. Mr. Chawla says that he knows Subhash because Subhash working at his university. He adds that Subhash is students favourite professor. Ravinder asks them to talk and leaves from there. Mr. Chawla asks Subhash to not worry about leave because the latter is Ravinder’s relative now.

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