Ajooni 13th August 2022 Written Update: Bebe stops Rajveer from seeing Ajooni


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Episode begins with Harman asks Aman to show Ajooni’s room to Ajooni. She tells her to make sure that Ajooni gets ready and wears all the jewels. She says that relatives coming for ‘muh dikayi’ ritual. She asks her to explain the responsibility of daughter in law of Baggas. Aman nods at her. She takes Ajooni from there. Dolly tells Harman to scare Ajooni because Ajooni is not like Aman.

On the other hand, Subhash recalls the moments he shared with Ajooni. Bindu tells her family that Baggas arrangements were good. She says that they should open the gifts. Meher scolds her for talking about gifts when Ajooni’s life got ruined. Bindu tells her that they can’t go against Baggas. She says that Baggas are Ajooni’s in laws now. Subhash tells her that everything is not easy. He says that he failed as a father. He adds that he can’t forget that Ajooni was forced to marry Rajveer.

Ravinder tells Bebe that he is not getting good vibe from the time Ajooni came to their house. Bebe tells him that she knows to handle Ajooni. Rajveer overhears their conversation. Maid tells Bebe that few ladies came to meet the latter. Bebe meets those ladies. She takes them to Ajooni. Those ladies says that Ajooni looks beautiful. They talks about Ajooni’s family background too. One of the lady says that Ajooni’s necklace is beautiful. Bebe tells her that she gave jewels to Ajooni.

Another lady asks that what Ajooni brought from her house. Harman tauntingly says that Ajooni brought degree certificate and smartness from her house. She adds that Ajooni’s father is professor. Ajooni taunts Baggas. Guests gets shocked hearing her and leaves from there. Bebe tells Ajooni to change herself within a day and leaves from there.

Harman tells Dolly to study. She sends Aman to the kitchen. Bebe stops Rajveer from going to his room. She says that he can’t meet Ajooni until they performs Satyanarayan puja. Rajveer asks her that what is this new drama. Harman says that Rajveer become mad. Bebe tells Rajveer that he has to follow her instructions from now on.

Ajooni recalls everything which happened few minutes back. Meanwhile, Aman asks Harvinder to not go today. Harvinder tells her that Rajveer’s marriage happened today and he has nothing to do with it. She pleads him to not go. He pushes her and leaves from there. Rajveer overhears their conversation. Harvinder notices him. He learns that Rajveer can’t meet Ajooni for now. He advices him to not share his problems with Ajooni and leaves from there.

Rajveer gives gift to servant. He asks him to give it to Ajooni. Servant breaks the gift by mistake. Rajveer beat him up. Ajooni asks him to stop it. He ignores her. So she goes to kitchen and drinks water. He comes there and asks her to not get scared. He says that Servant broke the gift which he bought for her. He adds that he can even kill a person for her. She tells him that he is not God to punish others. She says that he is devil. She adds that he will be punished for his mistakes and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells Ajooni that everyone eats breakfast together in his house. Ajooni tells him that she is not hungry. He picks her up. He says that he can take her to dining table.

Episode begins with Ajooni says that she won’t change her name. Beeji tells her that the latter has to change her name no matter what. She scolds her. Ajooni tells her that her intention is not insulting anyone. She says that her name is her identity and how can she change that. She adds that her name is given by her parents so she can’t change it. Ravinder tells her that now she is daughter in law of Bagga family and that’s her new identity. She says that they should not differentiate between girls and boys. She adds that everything already changing in her life so she can’t let them change her name too. Rajveer says that he already choosed a name for Ajooni and that is Ajooni. He adds that he loved her with that name only. Ajooni’s family smiles hearing him.

After some time, Subhash asks Ajooni that how can the latter live like this. He says that problems will increase for her if she don’t agree with Baggas then. Ajooni tells him that she can’t forget the insults they faced because of Rajveer. Beeji tells her to forget the past to lead a happy married life with Rajveer. Ajooni says that she married Rajveer to take revenge. Bindu tells her that it won’t be easy to take revenge. She says that Rajveer loves Ajooni truly. She reminds her that how he took stand for her going against his family. She asks her to try to understand Rajveer. Kamal tells Subhash that they have to leave. Subhash tells Ajooni to take care of herself. They leaves the room.

Subhash requests Ravinder to take care of Ajooni. Rajveer tells him that Ajooni is his responsibility from now on. He promises to keep Ajooni happy. Ravinder and Bebe discuss about Ajooni’s attitude. Bebe tells Ravinder that everything will go according to her from now on. She says that she will show Ajooni’s place to her. Subhash and others hugs Ajooni and leaves from there.

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