Ajooni 16th November 2022 Written Update: Baggas gets shattered seeing Harvinder’s dead body


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Episode begins with Aman tells Ajooni that she tried to save her marriage but destiny gave her this. Ajooni consoles her. Aman says that she is getting punishment for stealing the memory card of recorder. Ajooni tells her that Harvinder confessed everything. She says that Harvinder took party worker with him. She adds that she feel like Harvinder is fine and leaves from there. She asks Rajveer to talk to Shikha because Shikha was with Harvinder before the accident.

Rajveer and his friends barges into Shikha’s house. Shikha’s father tells them that Shikha went to market. Rajveer tells him about Harvinder’s accident. He says that if Shikha also died then that’s fine or else he won’t spare Shikha. Ravinder enters the house and he asks Ajooni about proof and Rajveer. Bebe informs him about Harvinder’s jeep accident. She says that police did not find Harvinder yet. He asks Ajooni that where is Rajveer. Ajooni tells him that Rajveer went to accident spot.

Rajveer says that he is sure Shikha is behind all this. He asks his friends to keep an eye on Shikha’s house. Rajveer enters the house and tells Ravinder that he went to Shikha’s house. Ajooni says that she saw Harvinder with Shikha. Rajveer says that Shikha is missing. Aman prays to God for Harvinder’s safety. Bebe cries. Ravinder consoles her.

Police inspector comes there. He says that they found fully burned dead body. They keeps the dead body there. Ravinder gets shattered seeing the dead body. Rajveer holds him. Police inspector shows the things which they found near dead body. Aman says that these are Harvinder’s things and cries. Ravinder asks Ajooni to take Aman inside. Police inspector takes the dead body for postmortem.

Later, Ravinder tells Rajveer that he won’t cry until he finds out who is behind all this. He says that Ajooni accused Harvinder but he know Harvinder loved his brother so much. He adds that they have to stay strong. Rajveer tells him that he suspect Shikha. Ravinder asks him to find Shikha no matter what. On the other hand, Rajveer’s friend sees someone sneaking into Shikha’s house and he informs about it to Rajveer. Rajveer tells Ravinder that they found Shikha. Ravinder tells him that he want to kill Shikha.

Shikha’s father asks Shikha to eat slowly. Shikha tells him that she don’t have time for all that. She says that if Baggas got to know that she is here then they won’t spare her. He asks her that what exactly happened. She asks him to wait. They hears door knocking sound. He tells her that it must be her mother and he opens the door. Rajveer and his friends enters the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shikha tells Ravinder it was not an accident but murder. She says that Ajooni murdered Harvinder. Everyone gets shocked hearing her especially Ajooni.

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