Ajooni 17th August 2022 Written Update: Rajveer protects Ajooni


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Episode begins with Ravinder throws coconut towards Harman and he scolds her. Bebe asks him to calm down. She tells Ajooni to take everyone’s blessings. Ravinder says that Ajooni did not wear pallu yet. Ajooni refuses to wear pallu. Bebe questions Ajooni’s upbringing. Ajooni tells her that Ravinder did wrong by throwing coconut towards Harman. She says that no one treats Aman well in this house so they can’t question her upbringing. Ravinder loses his cool and he tries to slap Ajooni. But Rajveer comes in between them and he ends up getting slapped by Ravinder. Everyone gets shocked seeing that.

Ravinder tells Priest that Ajooni can’t sit in the puja. He asks him to keep coconut on Ajooni’s place. He tells Subhash that if puja happened like that then that means Rajveer left Ajooni. Rajveer tells him that he won’t sit for puja if Ajooni can’t sit with him then. Ravinder is about to slap him but the latter holds his hand. Rajveer says that Ajooni is his wife. Subhash asks them to stop fighting. He apologizes to them on behalf of Ajooni. Beeji makes Ajooni wear pallu. Ravinder tells Rajveer that he would have killed him if the latter was not his son then. Ajooni and Rajveer sits for the puja. Puja gets over.

Ravinder tells Subhash that Ajooni is his daughter in law. He asks him to teach Ajooni to follow her new family’s rules. Subhash nods at him. Bebe tells Rajveer that Harvinder and Aman did not give her chance to get happy. She asks him to become a father. Harvinder tells Aman that he is getting insulted because of her and leaves from there.

After some time, Ajooni tells her family that she decided to marry Rajveer so they need not to blame themselves for anything. She says that it’s her fight so she will fight alone. Meher tells her that they are with her. Rajveer sees them from upstairs. He tells his friend that Ajooni’s family is different and emotional. Rajveer says that he will show Ajooni that how much he loves her. Ravinder tells him that the latter married the wrong girl.

Later, Ajooni gets nervous seeing the first night decorations. Rajveer comes there and closes the door. He tells her that he is not able to believe that they are married now. He says that he waited so much for this day and holds her hand. She gets up. She warns him to not touch her. He tells her that he has rights on her. She tells him that he married her forcefully. He reminds her that she met him at Gurdwara. She tells him that he can win her body but he can’t win her love. He leaves the room angrily.

Next day, Ajooni comes out of the bathroom. Rajveer gets mesmerized seeing her. He tells her that he has to sleep there or else it will create more problems. She leaves the room without saying anything. Beeji asks Ajooni to get ready. After some time, Aman compliments Ajooni. Rajveer’s friends teases Rajveer. He tells them that nothing happened yesterday. He says that he slept at terrace. He adds that Ajooni don’t love him. Bebe makes Ajooni wear toe ring. Ajooni says that it’s so small. Bebe says that now Ajooni looks like Rajveer’s wife.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dolly mixes lot of chilly powder in the food. Ravinder asks that who can eat this much spicy food. Dolly says that Aman taught cooking to Ajooni. Harvinder tells Aman to eat bowl of chilly powder. Ajooni takes the bowl from Aman. She says that she cooked today so she will eat it.

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Ajooni that he never went against his family but he did that for her. He says that his family members are good but they are angry now. He adds that everything will be fine. He tells her that she will become their favourite. He says that he will apologize to Ajooni’s parents. She glares him. He tells her that he is stuck in between her and his family. Harman comes there and tells Ajooni to cook.

Ajooni goes to kitchen. Harman asks her to start cooking. Ajooni gets shocked seeing non-veg. She says that she don’t know to cook non-veg. She adds that she can’t cook non-veg. Harman tells her that non-veg is Rajveer’s favourite. Ajooni says that she will cook veg. Aman tells Harman that she will cook. Harman scolds her for taking Ajooni’s side. She sends her from there.

Harvinder enters his room. Aman asks him to not go out tomorrow because Satyanarayan puja will happen. He slaps her. Ajooni gets shocked seeing that. He tells Aman to not behave like Ajooni and leaves from there. Aman wipes her tears seeing Ajooni there. Ajooni apologizes to her for not talking to her yesterday. She asks her that why the latter tolerating all this. Aman tells her that Harvinder is her husband and it’s her in laws house so it’s normal to adjust. Ajooni tells her that she won’t tolerate all this and leaves from there.

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