Ajooni 17th September 2022 Written Update: Harvinder and Shikha go out on a date


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Episode begins with Ajooni notices Aman’s injuries. Aman tells her that she made mistake by lying to Baggas. She says that she can’t tolerate anymore. She says that she got happy when she learnt that she can get pregnant but not anymore. She cries. Ajooni hugs her. She goes to Rajveer. She tells him that she thought animals living in this house, but now she realised that devils living in this house.

Rajveer asks her that what is she saying. She asks him to see Aman’s injuries. He asks her to not interfere in Harvinder and Aman’s matter. She tells him that his family members crossing all the limits. She says that she won’t stay silent. She tells him that she has to take police help. He snatches the phone from her. He tells her that she is daughter in law of this house and she should try to win everyone’s heart. He warns her to not take advantage of his love and leaves the room.

Harvinder taunts Rajveer for taking Ajooni’s side always. He asks him to learn from him to control his wife. Rajveer taunts Harvinder for beating Aman up. He insults him. He says that he married Ajooni because he love her. He says that he is not like Harvinder who is preparing for second marriage. Harvinder asks him to stop it. Rajveer warns him to not say anything about him. He says that Harvinder running behind another girl when he has wife already. Harvinder tells him that he will kill him. They holds each other’s collars. Ladies of the house tries to stop them. Aman faints. After some time, Aman blames herself for everything. She says that she should die. Ajooni asks her to not say like that. She tells her to take rest.

Ravinder tauntingly praises Harman for giving birth to Harvinder and Rajveer. He lashes out at Harvinder and Rajveer. He says that his sons ruining his reputation. He reminds Rajveer that everyone used to get afraid of him. He tells Harvinder that he wants grandson at any cost. He warns him to not behave like animal with Aman. Rajveer tells Ravinder that Ajooni made mistake but her intention was not wrong. He says that Aman can get pregnant so Harvinder can’t marry someone else. Ravinder warns him to not talk about report again.

Later, Ajooni tells Rajveer that she married him to get revenge on him. Rajveer gets shocked hearing her. She tells him that Aman’s condition is more horrible than her condition. She says that she prefers to live in hell than living in this house. He blames her for everything. He says that her behaviour ruined everything. He says that she provoked Harvinder against Aman. He warns her to not say a word against his family members and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Harvinder and Shikha go out on a date. She removes handkerchief to see his bald head. She says that he is looking cute. Someone clicks their photo. Harvinder takes Shikha to his house. He asks Aman to leave the room. He tells her that he have to talk with Shikha.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Shikha asks Ajooni that why Aman need to live when she can’t keep her husband happy. Ajooni slaps her. Ravinder tells Ajooni that today Rajveer will punish her.

Episode begins with Dolly spots Ajooni and Aman in the hospital. She wonders that what are they doing there. Neelam tells Dolly to take all the medicines. On the other hand, Ravinder tells Harman and Bebe that house is silent today. Harman informs him that Ajooni and Aman went to temple. Harvinder returns from meeting Shikha.

Ravinder tells him that Shikha must have asked about his bald head. Harvinder tells him that Shikha is not like that. Ravinder says that soon Harvinder will go behind his wife like Rajveer. Harvinder asks him to not compare him with Rajveer. He says that he will give grandson to him within an year. He asks him to call Shikha’s father and fix the marriage. Ravinder tells him to call Shikha’s father.

Ajooni snatches the phone from Harvinder. She asks him to tell Shikha’s father that this marriage won’t happen. Harvinder asks Rajveer to handle Ajooni. Ravinder asks Ajooni that if she can’t stay without doing any drama. Ajooni tells him that Aman can get pregnant. Harman asks that how this magic happened. Ajooni says that she took Aman to the hospital for medical test. She says that Aman can get pregnant according to medical report. She tells Harvinder to take a medical test.

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