Ajooni 19th November 2022 Written Update: Rajveer finds proof against Shikha

Ajooni 19th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Ajooni asks Rajveer that why he did like that. Rajveer tells her that Harvinder crossed all the limits so he got rid of him. She tells him that he is lying. She says that she know Rajveer did not kill anyone. He tells her that he also trusted her. He says that he never dreamt that she will do something like this. He adds that he understands she did this for his love that’s why he took the blame on himself. She tells him that she did nothing. He tells her that he investigated everything. He says that he left his wristband in the hotel deliberately because he found Ajooni’s purse there. Harman overhears their conversation and leaves from there.

Rajveer tells Ajooni that he can do anything for her. Ajooni tells him that he can’t trust her. She beat herself with whip. He stops her. She tells him that she did nothing. He tells her that all the proofs are against her. She says that those are fabricated proofs and she is sure Shikha is behind all this. She asks him that think that who recorded when she threatened Harvinder and how police found only that phone near Harvinder’s jeep when everything else was burnt already. He tells her that his heart says that she is innocent so he will bring proof to prove her innocence. He adds that he won’t spare Shikha and leaves from there.

Aman cooks happily. She tells Chamko that Harvinder may come anytime. Meanwhile, Harman tries to tell about Rajveer and Ajooni’s conversation to Ravinder. Chamko tells them that Aman behaving like a mad. Aman asks Ravinder to call Harvinder because she cooked for Harvinder. Harman tells her that Harvinder won’t return. Ravinder agrees with her. Aman scolds him for talking like that about Harvinder. Harman takes Aman to her room. Aman scolds Harman too. Harman slaps her saying that Harvinder won’t return. Ajooni asks her to understand Aman’s pain. Harman blames her for everything. She says that she know Rajveer took the blame on himself to save Ajooni and leaves from there. Aman asks Ajooni that if the latter killed Harvinder. Ajooni tells her that she did not kill Harvinder. She pleads Aman to trust her.

Harman asks Ravinder that if he is fine. Ravinder tells her that everything is over. He says that it’s hard to believe that Rajveer killed Harvinder. She informs him everything. She says that Rajveer found proofs against Ajooni that’s why he took the blame on himself to save Ajooni. He scolds Ajooni for not confessing her crime when he was beating Rajveer. She tells him that both she and Rajveer are innocent.

Rajveer learns that Shikha’s phone found near Harvinder’s jeep. Ravinder keeps an apple on Ajooni’s head. He points a gun at her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells Ravinder that he is going to finish the latter’s drama.

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