Ajooni 1st March 2023 Written Update: Rajveer accuses Shikha of making him unconscious


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Episode begins with Rajveer’s friends tells Ravinder that they can’t see Rajveer like this and ask him to do something. And they are ready to do anything for Rajveer. Ravinder asks them to remind Rajveer about their childhood and not let stranger meet Rajveer. After some time, Rajveer tells Baggas that someone attacked him and it looks like attacker face is familiar to him. He says that someone else made him unconscious. Ravinder asks Harvinder that if the latter saw anyone. Harvinder says that he went to Rajveer’s room after hearing noise and he did not saw anyone except Rajveer. Doctor says that Rajveer would have hallucinated. Rajveer scolds him. He says that it’s confirm that someone from this house want to kill him and he won’t spare the person who tried to kill him and goes inside.

Ravinder asks Bebe that why Rajveer was alone. Bebe tells him that they went to temple. He scolds her for her carelessness. He asks Rajveer’s friends to keep an eye on Tejinder. And he want information about Sanky too.

Later, Rajveer thinks that women came to kill him. Ravinder asks him to have food with everyone. Rajveer says that he want all Bagga ladies to serve him food one by one. Bagga ladies serves food to Rajveer on Ravinder’s behest. Rajveer claims that Shikha made him unconscious. Shikha says that Rajveer is lying. He says that Shikha is wearing the same bangles and she has injury too. Shikha tells Ravinder that she did nothing. Rajveer asks her to accept it. Shikha says that Ajooni also wearing same bangles like her and Ajooni has injury too. Ajooni tells Ravinder that Rajveer held her hand tightly and her bangles got broken. Rajveer says that he don’t remember anything like that. Shikha says that she has witness. Harvinder says that he saw Shikha’s injury.

Ajooni asks that why she will attack her husband. Harvinder asks Ravinder that what’s the guarantee that Rajveer got attacked because doctor said Rajveer hallucinated. Rajveer pours water on his face and says that he did not hallucinate. And the culprit must be Ajooni or Shikha. After some time, Shikha tells Harvinder that she has to put the blame on Ajooni to save herself.

Next day, Shikha orders Ajooni to take flour. She steals flour and pours it on the floor. She thinks that she will become Rajveer’s saviour today. Rajveer is about to slip and Shikha saves him. Shikha shows the thread which is tied there. He asks her that who did this. He notices flour on Ajooni’s hand. She tells him that they don’t have proof against Ajooni so let’s wait and watch. Ajooni warns Shikha to not try to take advantage of Rajveer’s condition. Shikha tells her that it’s not her mistake if Ajooni could not gain Rajveer’s trust then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni finds gun and shoots it by mistake.

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