Ajooni 1st October 2022 Written Update: Rajveer misunderstands Ajooni


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Episode begins with Avinash tells Ravinder that he gave medicines to Ajooni and Aman. He asks him to take care of them. Bebe tells him that he could not save Aman’s child. Ravinder tells her that, that’s destiny’s game. He tells Avinash to leave after having food. He asks him about his favourite food and his family. Dolly thinks that her plan will be flopped if Ravinder got to know the truth. Bebe asks personal questions to Avinash. Ravinder tells her that Avinash life will be ruined if he got married to Dolly then. Dolly goes to the kitchen. Avinash reads Ajooni’s message. Harman asks Dolly about blackmail message. Dolly tells her that Ajooni did not react yet. She sends another message to Ajooni.

Ajooni informs Avinash that someone blackmailing her with Aman’s secret. Dolly serves tea to Avinash on Ravinder’s behest. Avinash tells Ravinder that he got message from hospital so he has to go and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Shikha’s father tells Shikha that he don’t think Harvinder will come. Shikha tells him that Harvinder will come for sure. Harvinder knocks the door. Shikha’s father opens the door. He tells Harvinder that Shikha locked herself in the room. He asks him to save Shikha. They goes to Shikha’s room. Shikha pretends like commiting suicide. She says that she don’t want to live. Harvinder saves her. Shikha’s father tells Harvinder that they tolerated everything because Shikha love him. Harvinder tells him that he will marry Shikha for sure. Shikha acts like fainting. Shikha’s father leaves the room.

Avinash meets Ajooni. Dolly sees that. Ajooni tells Avinash that she is worried. Avinash asks her to not worry because they will find the blackmailer. She says that she is in the house because of Rajveer’s trust and his trust got broken then she can’t do anything. He asks her to not think much. He tells her that their secret won’t reach Rajveer. He holds her hand. She nods at him. Rajveer sees them together. He shoots in the air. They gets shocked seeing Rajveer there.

Rajveer beat Avinash up. Ajooni asks him to listen her. Rajveer tells Avinash that he won’t spare his life. He points gun at him. Everyone comes there. Ravinder asks Rajveer that what’s happening. Rajveer says that he caught them red-handed. Ajooni tells Rajveer that he misunderstood everything. She asks him to trust her. He asks her to shut up. He points gun at her.

He tells her that he trusted her but that was his mistake. He slaps her which shocks everyone. He tells her that he fought against everyone for her but what she did. Harman tells Dolly that everything going on according to her plan. Rajveer leaves from there. Ravinder helps Ajooni to get up. He threatens Avinash and takes him inside the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder says that Ajooni deserves punishment. He is about to beat Ajooni with whip but Rajveer stops him.

Episode begins with Dolly tells Harman that Rajveer is angry at Ajooni. Harman asks her that how the latter knows that. Dolly tells her everything. Harman says that their plan working. Dolly asks Rajveer that why he left Ajooni alone. Ravinder asks her that if Ajooni regained her consciousness. Dolly nods at him. She says that Ajooni feeling weak.

Harman tells Ravinder that they should call the doctor. Bebe says that no need of that, because Ajooni is fine and just acting. Ravinder reminds her that Ajooni is daughter in law of this house. Dolly says that Ajooni even saved Aman’s life. Harman asks her to call Avinash. Rajveer asks them that if they don’t know any other doctor. Ravinder says that Avinash saved Aman’s life so they can trust Avinash. Rajveer asks them to call someone else and leaves from there.

Harvinder picks Shikha’s call and tells her that he will call her later. Shikha asks him that why he trapped her in his love. He tells her that he love her so much. He informs her that he will meet her tomorrow. She asks him to come and see her dead body. He asks her to not say like that. He says that he has fever and he can’t meet her today. She pretends like crying and disconnects the call. She tells her father that Harvinder will come for sure.

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