Ajooni 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Rajveer boils in rage seeing Avinash


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Episode begins with Harvinder points gun at Aman. He tells her that she must be happy after cancelling his marriage. He says that she can’t live like a queen just because she is pregnant. He says that he don’t want this child. He says that she has to die, because his second marriage can’t happen until she is alive. He tells her that he will marry Shikha at any cost. He falls on the bed and loses his consciousness.

Next day, Dolly tells Chamko to stand outside the kitchen. She cuts the wire of mixer. She thinks that Ajooni can’t escape this time. Meanwhile, Ajooni tells God that everyone is happy. She notices Aman crying. She asks her that why the latter is crying. Aman tells her that Harvinder is angry at her. She says that still Harvinder wants to marry Shikha. Ajooni tells her that Harvinder will change seeing his child.

Harvinder tells Shikha that he love her so much. Shikha tells him that he was silent when Ravinder cancelled the marriage. He tells her that, that was Ravinder’s birthday party that’s why he was silent. She taunts him. She acts like crying. She says that she dreamt of marrying him. He tells her that he can do anything for her. She tells him that he has to forget Aman if he want to marry her then. He tells her that he forgot Aman. He orders Aman to bring banana sake for him.

Dolly asks Ajooni to make mango sake for her. Aman tells Ajooni that she wants mixer. Ajooni asks her to use it. She goes to give tea to Ravinder. He tells her to take care of Aman. He asks her to take Dolly’s help. He tells her to bring his slipper. She gives his slipper to him. He compliments her tea.

Aman gets an electric shock. Ajooni saves Aman. Aman loses her consciousness. Ajooni calls Rajveer. Rajveer takes Aman to her room. Ravinder asks that what happened to Aman. Ajooni tells him everything. Ravinder tells Dolly to call the Doctor.

Harvinder tells Shikha that he can’t live without her. He tells her that he want to meet her. Ravinder beat him up. He tells Rajveer to break Harvinder’s phone if he talked to Shikha again. He warns Harvinder to not talk to Shikha. He scolds Ajooni for not taking care of Aman. Dr. Avinash comes there. Rajveer sees him. Ravinder asks Avinash to treat Aman well. He takes Rajveer from there.

He asks that what’s happening in his house. Dolly gets scared hearing him. Rajveer scolds Dolly for calling Avinash. Ravinder tells Dolly that she should have called lady Doctor. Dolly says that last time too Avinash came to treat Aman. Avinash asks Ajooni that how is she living in this house. Ajooni tells him that she can take care of herself and Rajveer is there for her. Ravinder asks Avinash about Aman’s child. Avinash tells him that Aman is fine. He asks him to bring Aman to the hospital for a test. Ravinder tells Ajooni to take Aman to the hospital.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aman gets stuck in the hospital elevator.

Episode begins with Ajooni gives laddu to Rajveer. She says that God listened their prayer. Rajveer tells her that her entry was really good. She laughs hearing him. She says that she never saw Ravinder this much happy. She tells him that Harvinder will change seeing his baby. He asks her that if their relationship will change ever. He tells her that it will change for sure. He feeds laddu to her.

Next day, Ajooni and Aman takes Guruji blessings. Guruji tells Aman that she is lucky to become a mother. He tells Ravinder that next year the latter’s family will get respect in the puja. Ravinder gets happy hearing him. He asks PA to drop Guruji in the ashramam. Guruji leaves from there.

Ravinder asks Aman to not worry about anything. He tells her to ask him if she need anything then. He tells Harvinder to take care of Aman. He warns him to not beat Aman up. He orders him to stay in the house at night. Ajooni and Aman gets happy hearing him. On the other hand, Dolly sees Avinash and Ajooni’s photo. She wonders that who is this guy. She tells herself that she can separate Ajooni and Rajveer.

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