Ajooni 24th November 2022 Written Update: Rajveer learns about Shikha’s actions


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Episode begins with Ajooni tells Ravinder that she did not call Karuna and media reporters. Ravinder tries to prove that domestic violence never happened in his house. He says that it’s a personal matter so they will resolve within family. Karuna asks him to give explanation in the court. Bebe scolds her for interfering in Baggas family matters. Karuna asks media reporters to capture everything. Ravinder murmurs to Bebe to stay silent. He tells Karuna that Bebe speaking in anger.

Karuna asks him to apologise to his daughter in laws. She asks him to promise that these kind of incidents won’t repeat again. He tells her that Ajooni and Aman are like his daughters and he is not ashamed to apologise to them. He asks media reporters to capture everything. He apologise to Aman and Ajooni. He murmurs to Ajooni that he won’t spare her. Karuna says that Harman has to apologise too. Harman apologise to Aman and Ajooni. Karuna warns them to not repeat the mistake and leaves from there.

Ravinder tells Ajooni that he apologised to someone first time in his life. He tries to break her hand. Rajveer saves Ajooni. Ravinder tells him that he got insulted. Mangi Ram tells him that Sethi is coming. Ravinder tells Rajveer that even party president is coming. He says that Rajveer won’t even get MLA ticket due to Ajooni and leaves from there. Harman scolds Ajooni for ruining Rajveer’s future. Ajooni tells her that she did not call anyone but it’s good they came. Rajveer gets shocked hearing her. Harman tells Rajveer that Ajooni’s ego matters for her than his future. Bebe scolds Ajooni and goes inside. Ajooni tells Rajveer that she did not call them. Rajveer pushes her hand and leaves from there.

Sethi tells Ravinder that public saw everything in TV. He asks him that how Ravinder can handle politics when he can’t even handle his family. Ravinder tells him that the latter is dragging the matter. He says that he did so much for this party. Sethi tells him that Ajooni ruined everything by involving media reporters. He asks him to deal with higher officials and leaves from there.

Ajooni tells Rajveer that she really did not call them. Rajveer asks her to stop lying. He says that he will be thrown out of the party. He tells her that he supported her always then why she needed their support. Aman comes there and tells Rajveer that Ajooni did nothing. She says that Ajooni was with her and Ajooni did not call anyone. Rajveer wonders that who called them.

Shikha’s father watches TV and he calls Shikha. He asks her that what drama happening in Bagga house. Shikha tells him that she is behind the drama. She tells him that she will make sure Ravinder throws Ajooni out of the house. Rajveer tells her that he will throw her out of the house before that. Meanwhile, Ravinder gets call from Delhi high command. He informs Mangi Ram that party cancelled Rajveer’s ticket. He takes two guns. On the other hand, Rajveer drags Shikha to the hall. Bebe asks him to leave Shikha. Rajveer says that Shikha called Karuna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder asks Rajveer to choose between him and Ajooni. He gives one gun to Rajveer and he points a gun at Ajooni. Rajveer points a gun at Ravinder.

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