Ajooni 26th July 2022 Written Update: Ajooni meets her fiance Avinash


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Episode begins with one lady talks to Ajooni’s grandmother about Ajooni’s marriage. Ajooni’s grandmother asks her to not worry about Ajooni’s marriage because God’s blessings are with Ajooni. In the gurdwara, Ajooni sings a prayer song. Then she greets Baba ji. He praises her. He says that according to her name, she born to help others. She gives all the credit to her family members.

Ajooni’s mother asks her husband to bring groceries while returning from work. Beeji notices rice in the fridge. She asks Ajooni’s mother to not waste rice. She tells her to make pulav using the rice. Ajooni’s sister cries seeing webseries. Ajooni’s mother and Beeji gets shocked seeing that. Ajooni’s sister says that she will become heroine one day. Her mother scolds her for dreaming to become an actress. She asks her to concentrate on studies.

Meanwhile, two guys fights for Ajooni. Ajooni’s friend Jasmeet tells Ajooni that they are facing this problem daily. Ajooni asks those guys to do arm wrestling and decide a winner. One of the guy wins arm wrestling and gets excited. Ajooni ties Rakhi on his hand. She says that he is really strong so it’s his responsibility to protect her and leaves from there. Jasmeet tells Ajooni that she will tell about it to the latter’s brother. Ajooni tells her that her brother can’t always stay with her to protect her so she has to fight her own battles.

They reaches Ajooni’s house. Beeji serves pulav to Ajooni and Jasmeet. Ajooni understands that Beeji used old rice to make pulav. She teasingly asks her to use new rice from next time. Ajooni’s mother tells Ajooni to meet Avinash because he want to talk about something. Jasmeet tells her that what happened few minutes back. Ajooni’s mother warns Ajooni. On the other hand, Rajveer and Ikka singh runs to catch the kite. And Rajveer catches the kite. He beat Ikka singh up.

Ajooni’s mother tells Ajooni that they are middle class people so they can’t fight against criminals. Ajooni tells her that she is not afraid of those kind of guys. Ajooni’s mother reminds her that the latter going to get married soon. Ajooni assures her that nothing will happen to her. She tells her that she will go to hospital. Ikka singh says that, that’s Rajveer’s territory that’s why Rajveer is strong now. He challenges him to meet at his territory. Rajveer asks his guys to take Ikka singh to hospital.

After some time, Avinash tells Rajveer’s guys that it’s a police case. Rajveer tells Avinash that the patient fell down on the terrace. Ikka singh nods at Avinash. Avinash starts treating him. Rajveer tells his guys that he will wait in his jeep. He goes out. Ajooni reaches the hospital. Rajveer’s guys takes that guy out. Ajooni meets Avinash. Rajveer’s guys asks Baba about future. Rajveer scolds his guys for wasting time. Baba tells Rajveer that the latter’s life will change from today. Rajveer tells him that he won’t change no matter what. Baba tells him that it’s about his love.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni tells Avinash that no one can come in between them. She is about to fall but Rajveer holds her. Later, Rajveer smiles seeing his hand.