Ajooni 27th July 2022 Written Update: Ajooni meets Geet


Ajooni 27th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Ajooni’s sister gets excited seeing laddus. Ajooni’s mother asks her to not touch it because she prepared those laddus for Avinash’s mother and sister. Ajooni’s sister says that Avinash is the perfect guy for Ajooni. Ajooni’s mother hopes that Avinash’s sister also likes Ajooni. Beeji says that Avinash is lucky to get a partner like Ajooni. She gets emotional thinking about Ajooni’s marriage.

Ajooni comes there and tells them that she won’t forget them and the values they taught her. Bua comes there. Everyone greets her. Bua asks that will they cancel the marriage if Avinash’s sister rejects Ajooni. Ajooni recalls that how Avinash said that they can’t marry without his sister’s permission. Beeji says that no one will reject Ajooni. On the other hand, Rajveer learns that Rana’s guys took his friend Kuku.

Ajooni gets ready. Ajooni’s sister compliments her. Avinash calls Ajooni and tells her that his family members left from the house and disconnects the call. Rana’s guys tortures Kuku. Rajveer comes there. He warns Rana to leave Kuku but the latter refuses. He beat Rana’s guys up. His face gets covered with colour while beating them. He rescues Kuku.

Ajooni’s mother and sister Geet arrives at Ajooni’s house. Ajooni’s family gets surprised seeing the little girl. They learns that Geet is in her 7th standard. Ajooni’s sister goes to Ajooni and tells her that Geet is rude. Ajooni takes Avinash mother’s blessings.

Geet introduces herself to Ajooni. She asks Ajooni that if the latter knows to make pasta and cake. Ajooni nods at her. Geet asks her that if the latter knows to cook chicken. Ajooni shook her head. Ajooni’s sister says that they are vegetarian so they don’t eat non-veg. Geet tells her that they also don’t eat non-veg. She asks her that if the latter want to become a singer.

Ajooni tells her that she likes music that’s why she is learning it. Geet notices the painting. She asks her that if the latter painted that. Ajooni tells her that her brother painted that. Geet kisses on her cheek and says that she is fine with this marriage. Everyone smiles hearing her. Ajooni’s sister takes selfie with them. Bua says that they should go out to celebrate it.

Later, Ajooni calls Avinash and tells him that he scared her unnecessarily. She adds that no one can come in between them. She steps on marbles and she is about to fall but Rajveer holds her. They stares each other ( Kesariya song plays in the background ). She thanks him and leaves from there.

After some time, Ajooni’s father asks Ajooni to prepare her wish list. He says that he want to fulfill her wishes before marriage. She tells him that she want to spend time with her family. Everyone gets emotional hearing her. Meanwhile, Rajveer smiles seeing his hand. He recalls that how held Ajooni’s hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer hallucinates Ajooni. He promises to leave everything and he asks God to give Ajooni to him.

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