Ajooni 28th February 2023 Written Update: Harvinder hires a goon to attack Rajveer


Ajooni 28th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Ajooni reminds Rajveer about their marriage and how he used to say he can do anything for her. She tells him that how he proposed her in the auto and how she confessed her love to him when they went to honeymoon. She asks him that if he remember that. Rajveer holds his head. Harman comes there and scolds Ajooni for troubling Rajveer. She drags her to the hall and tells Bebe that Ajooni was in Rajveer’s room. Bebe tells her that she will teach a lesson to Ajooni today and asks her to go to Rajveer’s room. She locks Ajooni in the dark room as punishment and leaves from there. Shikha sees that and smiles. Ajooni asks them to open the door but no response from other side.

Harman shows Bagga family photo to Rajveer. She tells him that she is sure he will remember everything after seeing the whole house. Rajveer hears Harvinder’s phone ringing sound and holds his head. Ravinder asks Rajveer that if the latter is fine. Rajveer says that he heard this noise in the past and it looks like someone is coming to kill him. Ravinder asks him to think who is that. Harman asks him to ask that later and she takes Rajveer from there. Ravinder slaps Harvinder for not disconnecting the call. He asks him that if the latter is behind Rajveer’s condition. Harvinder tells him that many people have this ringtone in their city.

Harman asks Rajveer to not worry about anything because they are with him. She tells him to not think about bad things. She gives his childhood photo album to him and asks him to see it. She asks him to call her if he need anything then and leaves from there. Rajveer sees the album and he finds a letter in it. He reads it which stats that many people have advantage in Bagga house if he died then.

Harvinder asks Shikha that why Rajveer reacted like that hearing her phone ringtone. Shikha tells him that she don’t know. She asks him that if he suspect her. He tells her that he think Rajveer acting like losing his memory so he will find out Rajveer is acting or not. He plans to attack Rajveer to find out the truth. She tells him that she will make sure no one disturbs their plan.

Later, Harvinder’s goon beat Rajveer up. Shikha asks Harvinder that why Rajveer is not taking his gun. Meanwhile, Ajooni screams for help and knocks the door. Rajveer removes goon’s mask and beat him up. He asks him that who sent him. Shikha makes Rajveer unconscious. Harvinder’s goon escapes from there. Aman opens the door. Ajooni goes to Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer says that he know the attacker. He claims that Shikha made him unconscious.

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