Ajooni 28th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer attends Satyanarayan puja with Ajooni


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Episode begins with Rajveer hallucinates Ajooni. He walks behind her and ignores his friends. He asks Kuku to click his and Ajooni’s photo. He realises that he is holding a guy. And that guy apologizes to Rajveer and runs from there. On the other hand, Beeji says that she is not seeing the puja things. Bua asks her to not worry because they have everything. She asks Ajooni’s mother that if Avinash’s family coming to attend Satyanarayan puja. Ajooni’s mother tells her that Avinash’s mother went to fix engagement date. And Avinash is busy with patients.

Meanwhile, Rajveer recalls that how he saved Ajooni. Rajveer’s friends asks him that if the latter is fine. They understands that Rajveer fell for someone. They asks him about the girl. He tells her that he don’t know anything about her. He says that how he saved her in the market. He refuses to drink alcohol.

Ajooni gives prasad to Beeji which she made it. Ajooni’s brother Bharat comes there. He takes elders blessings and he hugs his sisters. Ajooni’s mother asks him about his interview. He replies that it went well. Ajooni’s sister says that Ajooni made prasad today. He praises Ajooni. Ajooni tells him that she won’t talk to him. He gets confused hearing her. Bua says that Bharat is elder to Ajooni still she is getting married first that’s why she is angry at him. He teases Ajooni.

Rajveer reaches the market. He tries to find details about Ajooni. He explains Ajooni’s features to tea stall owner. Tea stall owner understands that Rajveer talking about Ajooni. He tells Ajooni’s house address to him. He says that today Satyanarayan puja happening at Ajooni’s house. Rajveer thanks him. He goes to Ajooni’s house. He greets Ajooni’s father. He lies to him that he is his neighbor’s guest. And he came to attend Satyanarayan puja. Bua tells them that puja going to begin. They sits for puja. Ajooni comes there. Rajveer gets mesmerized seeing her. He sees Bharat playing with Ajooni. He is about to take the gun but stops when he learnt that Bharat is Ajooni’s brother.

Ajooni talks to Avinash on video call. She and Rajveer prays together. He smiles seeing her. She sees him. He leaves the house. He tells his friends that he has to take Mata rani’s blessings too. He goes to temple. He tells God that she must be confused seeing him there. He promises to leave everything and in return God should give Ajooni to him. Flower fell on him. He smiles and he says that God agreed for his demand. Later, Rajveer rents a godown for week by threatening the owner which is opposite Ajooni’s house. Rajveer clicks Ajooni’s photo. Jasmeet comes there and says that Ajooni glowing. Ajooni notices Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni and Avinash reaches the jewelry shop to buy engagement ring. Rajveer follows them. He buys the expensive ring of that shop. Later, Rajveer asks Ajooni to get engaged with him.

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