Ajooni 29th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer learns about Ajooni’s engagement


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Episode begins with Jasmeet asks Ajooni about Rajveer. Ajooni tells her that she saw him during Satyanarayan puja. Ajooni’s sister comes there and scolds Rajveer. Ajooni tells her that they should stay away from those kind of guys. She says that she don’t want any drama because Avinash may come anytime. Ajooni’s sister tells her that Avinash arrived. They goes inside.

Rajveer’s friends tells Rajveer that they should enter Ajooni’s house. Rajveer tells them that not now. He says that soon Ajooni will enter his house as daughter in law. Ajooni’s mother tells Beeji that she is worried. Beeji tells her that Ajooni going out with Avinash and it’s normal nowadays. Rajveer tells his friends that he can’t take any risk in Ajooni’s matter.

Ajooni’s mother says that she will make something in house so Ajooni and Avinash need not to go out. Ajooni tells her that they are going in Avinash’s car so the latter need not to worry about anything. Avinash tells Ajooni’s mother that he has to take Ajooni to jewellery shop to check the ring size. He assures her that she will drop Ajooni on time. Beeji says that ring size is important. Ajooni tells Jasmeet that she will meet her evening. She leaves the house with Avinash. Rajveer’s friend sees that and he informs about it to Rajveer.

Rajveer follows Avinash’s car. Ajooni and Avinash enters the jewellery shop. Rajveer learns about Ajooni and Avinash’s engagement. Avinash asks Ajooni that where she want to go for honeymoon. He gets an emergency call. He tells Ajooni that he has to leave for hospital. She nods at him. He asks jewellery shop owner to send the ring to his house. Ajooni and Avinash leaves from there. Rajveer learns about the price of Ajooni’s engagement ring. He thinks that, that’s really cheap and Avinash don’t know Ajooni’s value. He buys an expensive ring of that shop. He stops Ajooni’s auto and get in the auto. He orders driver to drive and not stop until he says him to stop.

Ajooni asks him that who is he. Rajveer tells her that she deserves this expensive ring. He says that if they get engaged in the auto then it will become viral. She asks him to leave. He introduces himself to her. He proposes to her. She is about to jump so he stops the auto. She tells him that she is going to get married. He tells her that work is important for Avinash than her so she should leave Avinash. She lashes out at him and leaves from there.

Bua’s husband Kamal finds Ajooni and takes her to house. Everyone greets Kamal. Ajooni recalls Rajveer’s proposal and goes to her room. Beeji asks her that what happened. Ajooni tells her about Rajveer. Meanwhile, Rajveer tells his friends that he loved Ajooni’s attitude. He talks about his and Ajooni’s marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer buys the dress which Ajooni liked. But she refuses to accept it. Rajveer ruins Ajooni and Avinash’s engagement.

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