Ajooni 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Ajooni seeks Badshah’s help to expose Tantrika


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Episode begins with Baggas visits Tantrika’s cave. Shikha pleads Tantrika to spare her child and her family. She says that she is ready to tolerate everything alone. Tantrika praises Shikha and she badmouths Ajooni. Ravinder tells her that he doubt her more now because she is praising Shikha. Shikha tells him that she did nothing and someone trapped her. He asks her to stop it. Tantrika tells him that Shikha is innocent. Ravinder tells her that he is not able to trust her at all.

Tantrika’s assistant tells him that the latter is insulting Tantrika by not trusting her. And he threatens him. Ravinder mocks him. Tantrika’s assistant says that Baggas are safe due to Shikha. Tantrika says that Shikha will give agni pariksha by walking on hot coal. She asks Ravinder to not throw Shikha out of the house once Shikha wins the trust. Shikha gets scared hearing her.

On the other hand, Ajooni and Rajveer meets magician Badshah. Ajooni tells Badshah that she saw his advertisement and came for his help. Rajveer asks Badshah to help them. Ajooni informs about Tantrika and everything to Badshah.

Tantrika asks Shikha to come. Shikha gets scared seeing hot coal. She asks her that why the latter is asking her to do this. Tantrika asks her to not get scared. Shikha walks on the hot coal easily which shocks everyone. Tantrika laughs and she blesses Shikha. Bebe tells Ravinder that it has been proved that Shikha is innocent. Harman tells Ravinder that they should take Shikha to their house. Ravinder glares her. Bebe asks Tantrika to visit Bagga house.

Rajveer and Ajooni comes there. Tantrika gets angry seeing Ajooni. She asks her that what the latter is doing there. She says that she has proved already what is lie and what is truth. She threatens to burn her. Ajooni asks her to do it. Rajveer calls Badshah. He introduces Badshah to Ravinder. He says that Badshah don’t fool people like Tantrika. Tantrika asks him to stop it. She tells her assistant to show his strength.

Tantrika’s assistant shows lemon by his magic. Rajveer asks Badshah to start. Badshah shows orange by his magic which shocks Tantrika. Ravinder laughs seeing that. Tantrika’s assistant shows coin by his magic. Badshah shows two thousand rupee note by his magic. Rajveer taunts Tantrika’s assistant. Tantrika’s assistant and Badshah brings soil by their magic. Badshah reveals his magic trick. He says that this is how Tantrika kind of people cheats public.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer says that Ajooni is pure so she will walk on hot coal too like Shikha did. Tantrika asks Ajooni to give agni pariksha. She says that it will be proved that who is cursed and who is pure. Ajooni’s duppata got fire due to hot coal and she screams. Shikha and her mother laughs seeing that. Rajveer looks at Badshah.

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