Ajooni 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Rajveer confronts Guru Maharaj


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Episode begins with Rajveer asks Guru Maharaj that why the latter said that he will die if he consummated his marriage with Ajooni then. Guru Maharaj tells him that Ravinder said that the latter won’t know about this never. He says that he is glad Rajveer got to know the truth. Rajveer asks him that if the latter’s forecast is true. Guru Maharaj tells him that Ajooni is lucky for Baggas but she is unlucky for Rajveer. He says that Rajveer will face problems due to Ajooni.

Rajveer asks him to solve the problem. Guru Maharaj tells him about the solution he told to Ajooni. Rajveer tells him that he is ready to do anything to keep Ajooni with him. He says that he just wants Ajooni. He asks him to find the solution. He says that he will return later. He drops his phone by mistake and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Chamko provokes Aman against Ajooni. She says that Ajooni trying to impress Ravinder by making kheer for him. She says that Ajooni doing all this to snatch the house key from Aman. Aman tells her that she won’t spare Ajooni. She goes to kitchen. She scolds Ajooni for not washing her room curtains. Ajooni asks her that why the latter behaving like this. She tells her that she will wash the curtains. She says that Aman is good at heart and Aman behaving like this because of misunderstanding. She tells her that she did nothing in her divorce matter.

Aman refuses to believe her. She orders her to do work. Ajooni asks Chamko to keep the kheer in the fridge and leaves from there. Chamko tells Aman that they can spoil the kheer. Aman tells her that this kheer is made for Ravinder so they can’t do anything. Chamko tells her another plan to her.

Rajveer tells his friends that Mangi Ram was right. He says that he is feeling bad for Ajooni. He decides to apologize to Ajooni. He realises that his phone is missing. He goes to Guru Maharaj’s place to get his phone. Ravinder and Bebe waits for kheer. Aman tells Ravinder that she sent Ajooni to do work. She says that she made fish for them. Rajveer finds his phone. He hears Guru Maharaj talking to someone.

Ravinder and Bebe eats fish. Ajooni brings kheer. Aman says that they ate fish so they can’t eat kheer now. Ajooni says that today is Amavasya. Bebe scolds Aman and slaps her. She praises Ajooni and leaves from there.

Ravinder scolds Aman. He compares her with dog. He says that he know why Aman made fish today. He punishes Aman and Chamko. Aman feels dizzy and falls down. Ajooni brings water for her. Aman throws the glass. She tells her that the latter is responsible for everything. She says that she prefers to die than drinking water from Ajooni’s hand. Ravinder scolds Aman for her behaviour.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells Ajooni that he will die if it’s written in his fate then. Later, Ravinder saves Rajveer from few people. Rajveer takes a bullet on him to save Ravinder.

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