Ajooni 4th August 2022 Written Update: Rajveer decides to teach a lesson to Avinash


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Episode begins with Ajooni and Subhash reaches the hospital and they gets worried seeing Avinash. Avinash’s mother scolds Ajooni. Avinash asks her why she is blaming Ajooni. She says she knows that Rajveer sent those goons to attack Avinash. He tells her that relatives blaming Doctor is common so Ajooni has nothing to do with his attack.

His father tells him that the patient got discharge long back so Rajveer is behind this attack. He tells Subhash that he supported him till now but not anymore. He says that he can’t put his son life at risk for this relationship. Avinash says that he won’t change his decision of marrying Ajooni. Subhash tells him that they can talk about it later. He asks him to take care of himself.

Ajooni leaves the room. Rajveer comes there. He says that he did not kill Avinash yet. He tells her that he don’t like her meeting Avinash. Subhash comes there. Rajveer takes his blessings. He asks him that what the latter doing there instead of preparing for engagement. Subhash tells him that the latter ruining their life with his joke. Rajveer says that he is really serious about Ajooni. He asks him that what he should do now to prove he is really serious about Ajooni.

He requests him to understand that he loves Ajooni so he don’t want to force anyone. He says that he want to marry Ajooni with all the rituals. Ajooni asks him to stop his nonsense. She tells him that he don’t deserve to marry her and become part of her family. She says that she hates him and she won’t marry him even if God asked her to do. He tells her that he loves her and he is not scared of anyone not even God. She leaves the hospital with Subhash.

Later, Meher asks Ajooni to not think about Rajveer. Ajooni tells her that she hates Rajveer. Meanwhile, Rajveer recalls Ajooni’s words. He tells his friends that he did not like Ajooni crying. His friend says that they have to do something. Rajveer agrees with him.

Next day, Bharat tells Beeji that he has interview today. They sees Rajveer’s reminder about engagement which is written using flowers in front of their house. After some time, Subhash and Bharat meets Lawyer Surendra and tells him about Rajveer’s actions. Surendra gets shocked after learning that Rajveer is Ravinder’s son. He says that he will take the case. He asks them to stay strong because they are going to say in the court that Rajveer harassed Ajooni so her statement is important.

Beeji apologize to Avinash’s father Mr.Khanna. Avinash’s mother scolds them. Avinash apologizes to them on behalf of his mother. Beeji tells him that she can understand his mother’s anger. She asks him to take care of himself. She leaves from there with Ajooni and Neeru. Rajveer sees that. He decides to teach a lesson to Avinash. He sees Geet going to school. Later, Avinash and his mother searches Geet.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer announces his engagement with Ajooni on television. Ajooni tells her family that she will expose Rajveer and his father in front of media.

Episode begins with Ravinder asks Rajveer that what the latter did to end up behind bars. Rajveer’s friend tells him that it’s about love. Ravinder says that his son become an adult. He tells Rajveer that girls can’t stay in his heart. He says that he will find a rich girl for Rajveer like how his mother found Rajveer’s mother. He asks him to return home after some time. Rajveer gets shocked hearing him. Ravinder leaves from there. Rajveer thinks that girls should stay in heart and they deserves love and respect.

On the other hand, Ajooni calls Avinash but no response from other side. She tells Meher that Avinash’s phone is switched off. Meher tells her that Avinash is a Doctor so he must be busy. She asks her to think positively. Meanwhile, Neeru tells Subash that they should talk to Avinash’s parents. Subash says that there is a possibility that Avinash’s parents took decision already. Beeji tells him that they should talk to Avinash’s parents for Ajooni’s sake. She asks Bharat to call Avinash’s father.

Avinash comes there with his father. Subash apologizes to them. He tells them that they don’t know that goon Rajveer. Avinash’s father tells him that Rajveer is really dangerous. Subash says that he will respect their decision. Avinash says that he took decision already. He announces that he will marry Ajooni. Ajooni’s family members gets happy hearing him. Avinash says that they fixed new date for engagement which is after 6 days. They hears noise from godown and goes out.

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