Ajooni 4th March 2023 Written Update: Shikha makes a plan with Harsh


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Episode begins with Rajveer recalls Ajooni’s words. Shikha asks him to share everything with her. He tells her that he saw Ajooni and Harsh together but Ajooni is claiming that was an accident. She tells him that Ajooni is lying. He says that his heart tells him to trust Ajooni. She gets shocked hearing him and asks him to trust his mind. He goes to sleep. She thinks that she will make sure Rajveer never trust Ajooni.

Next day, Bebe asks God to protect Baggas and return the old Rajveer. Ajooni refuses to eat prasad. Harman scolds her for refusing prasad. Bebe forces Ajooni to eat prasad. Ajooni tells her that she can’t eat it. She reveals that she is fasting for Rajveer and goes inside. Shikha asks Rajveer that they don’t know Ajooni kept fasting for him or Harsh. Rajveer leaves from there. She calls Harsh and asks him to do something.

Later, Ravinder brings things to celebrate holi. Dolly tells Rajveer that how they used to play holi. Harman says that she prepared Rajveer’s favorite sweet dish. She tells Aman and Ajooni to bring Gujia. She feeds Gujia to Rajveer and he stares her. Ravinder reminds them that how Dolly and Rajveer used to had Gujia eating competition to select the color to play holi. He suggests to keep the competition in between Dolly and Rajveer. Dolly tells Rajveer that this time she will win for sure. Bebe asks them to begin the competition. Dolly starts eating Gujia. She asks Rajveer to eat. Rajveer says that he don’t want to play. He claims that he have headache so he want to go out. Ravinder asks him to not go out because it’s danger for him.

In the terrace, Rajveer recalls Ajooni and Shikha’s words. Harsh calls Rajveer and introduces himself as Rajveer’s well wisher. He tells him that he know about Ajooni and Harsh’s affair. He asks him to come outside the house to collect proof for Ajooni and Harsh’s affair. Rajveer leaves the house. Harsh makes Rajveer unconscious. He says that Rajveer came to collect the proof which don’t exist. Ravinder comes there and asks that who is there. Harsh hides Rajveer from Ravinder. Ravinder asks Harsh about Holika Dahan preparations. Harsh tells him that he brought woods and he will bring remaining things. He thinks that today Rajveer will die.

Later, Ajooni gets ready. She recalls Rajveer’s words. Rajveer comes there and wipes her tears. She tells him that she thought he won’t come for holi puja. He tells her that she kept fasting for him and how can he miss the puja. He gives puja plate to her and it turns out to be her hallucination. She hope that Rajveer performs puja with her. She calls Rajveer but no response from other side. She wonders that where is he.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni tells Baggas that Rajveer is missing.

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