Ajooni 5th November 2022 Written Update: Harman falls in Rajveer’s trap


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Episode begins with Rajveer falls on Harman’s lap. He apologizes to everyone. Ravinder tells Mangi Ram to call an ambulance. He tells Rajveer that nothing will happen to him. Rajveer says that he don’t have much time. He looks at Ajooni. Ajooni recalls that how he supported her always. He tells her that he can do anything for her and loses his consciousness ( Hamari adhuri kahani plays in the background ). Everyone gets shocked seeing that. Harman and Bebe cries. Harman asks Rajveer to get up. Rajveer’s friend tells her that Rajveer is dead. Bebe tells God that he should have killed her.

Ravinder asks Rajveer’s friend that why Jassi kidnapped Rajveer. Rajveer’s friend tells him it all happened because Rajveer entered politics. Harman tells Rajveer that he can’t go leaving her alone. Rajveer’s friend says that everything happening due to horoscope. Bebe blames Ajooni for Rajveer’s death. Ajooni asks everyone to stop it. She goes to Rajveer and asks him to get up. She asks him that how can he die when she followed everything which Guru Maharaj said.

Harman says that everything happened due to Rajveer’s friends carelessness. Rajveer’s friend says that Guru Maharaj’s foretell become true at end. Harman says that Rajveer’s horoscope was really good so nothing can happen to Rajveer. She says that Guru Maharaj’s foretell was a lie. Rajveer says that this is what he wanted to hear. Everyone gets shocked hearing him especially Harman.

Ravinder hugs Rajveer in happiness. Rajveer asks Jassi to come out. Jassi comes there. Ravinder says that he is going to kill Jassi. Jassi tells him that he is friend of Rajveer. Ravinder slaps Rajveer for acting like this. He hugs him again. Ajooni hugs Rajveer and asks him that if he is fine. He nods at her. He tells Ravinder that everything was an act. He says that he did all this to bring the truth out. Ravinder asks him that about which truth the latter is talking. Rajveer says that he is talking about Guru Maharaj’s truth. He tells him to ask Harman about Guru Maharaj’s secret. Ravinder orders Mangi Ram to bring Maha Guruji.

After some time, Guru Maharaj enters Bagga house. Harman signals him to run. He tries to run but Rajveer’s friends catches him. Harman says that she don’t know anything. Rajveer asks Guru Maharaj to tell the truth. He shows a gun to him. He says that he heard when Guru Maharaj was talking to Harman. Guru Maharaj tells Ravinder that he just followed Harman’s instructions. He says that Rajveer’s life is not in danger due to Ajooni. Ravinder scolds him and he beat him up for playing with their emotions. He punishes him. Rajveer’s friends takes Guru Maharaj from there. Ravinder tells Harman that only she can do this. Harman apologizes to him. He tells Rajveer to punish Harman.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells Harman that no one can harm Ajooni until he is alive. He tells her that he is dead for her.

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