Ajooni 7th March 2023 Written Update: Rajveer celebrates holi with Ajooni


Ajooni 7th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Baggas celebrates holi in the garden of Bagga house. Ravinder welcomes Sethi. Shikha signals at Harsh to go near Ajooni. Harvinder takes Shikha with him. Ajooni mistakes Harsh as Rajveer and puts colour on his face. Harsh also puts colour on her face. Rajveer sees that. Shikha tells Rajveer that she already told him that Ajooni is having an affair with Harsh. She says that Ajooni become shameless to do all this in front of everyone. Ajooni asks Harsh that who is he. Harsh tells her about his identity and says that he put colour on her face because she put colour on his face.

Ajooni searches Rajveer. She asks Aman and Rajveer’s friends about Rajveer. Rajveer recalls that how Ajooni put colour on Harsh’s face. Shikha sees Harsh drinking bhaang. She scolds him for trying to ruin the plan. She informs him that Ajooni is moving towards bedroom so he should go there. She says that she will send Rajveer to his room and when Rajveer sees them it should look like Harsh and Ajooni are romancing. Harsh nods at her and leaves from there.

Ajooni searches Rajveer inside the house. Intoxicated Harsh enters the house. He tells himself that he have degree in romance so he can romance. Ajooni enters the room. Shikha locks the door from outside. She goes to Rajveer and tells him that Ajooni is with Harsh in the room. Rajveer leaves from there angrily. Ajooni asks to open the door.

Harsh says that he did nothing wrong by loving Shikha so he will tell about it to everyone. And he reaches the garden. He tells Ravinder that he and Shikha love each other so much. Shikha gets scared hearing him. Ravinder praises Harsh due to intoxicated state. Shikha gets relieved seeing that.

Rajveer opens the door and searches Harsh. Ajooni asks him that what is he searching. Rajveer goes to Harsh and asks him that how the latter left the room. Harsh tells him that they love each other. Rajveer slaps him. Shikha says that Harsh deserves this for ruining her plan. She stops Rajveer and tells him that it won’t solve the problem. Rajveer leaves from there. Shikha scolds Harsh and takes him from there.

Rajveer’s friends asks Rajveer to play holi with them. They makes Rajveer drink bhaang. He sees Ajooni and follows her. He puts colour on her face. She also puts colour on his face. They wishes happy holi to each other. They dances ( Hum tere deewane hai song plays in the background ). He hugs her. Shikha gets shocked seeing that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer promises to Ajooni that he won’t suspect her again no matter what and he will listen her only. He hugs her and takes the knife out. He stabs her.

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