Ajooni Upcoming Story: Rajveer to try to stab Ajooni!


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Shoaib Ibrahim and Ayushi Khurana starrer Ajooni is Star Bharat show. This show is about how, despite coming from a middle-class family with strong family values, Ajooni is compelled to marry the guy she despises the most.

Now, Harsh attempts to kill Rajveer and Ajooni in farm house so it will be intresting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track, Chandelier is about to fell on Rajveer but he moves from there on time. Servant says that’s old piece so got broken. Ajooni suggests to return to Bagga house but Rajveer opposes her.

Ravinder tells Bebe that he is worried about Rajveer’s safety because Tejinder roaming outside freely. Bebe tells him that they are facing problems for the mistake his father committed. Servant removes his fake beard and it turns out to be Harsh.

Shikha asks Harsh to not return without killing Ajooni and Rajveer. Ajooni cooks dinner. Harsh mixes poison in the kheer. Ajooni and Rajveer eats dinner. Ajooni drops the kheer bowl when cat came there suddenly. Next day, Rajveer learns that cat died after eating kheer.

Tejinder learns that Ravinder is searching Sanky because Sanky sent goons to attack Rajveer. Dolly and Sanky fights for parking area. Tejinder scolds Sanky and he takes Dolly’s side. Then he takes Sanky to Bagga house and asks Sanky to apologize to Ravinder.

In the upcoming episode, Rajveer to try to stab Ajooni. Harsh will shoot one of them.

Whom Harsh shooted? Will Rajveer really stab Ajooni?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Ajooni, stay tuned to this space.