Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 17th September 2022 Written Update: Dadi predicts the visit of thieves in Zumma Bazaar


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mariam getting some food to eat. She is about to eat it but another girl slave called Marjina asks for some of the food. Marjina calls her selfish for not sharing her food. Mariam feels her pain and gives her the food. Marjina gives it back to her saying her father used to say without eating food she won’t fulfill her father’s wish and won’t feel the strength. Mariam should also eat it. Mariam shares the food with her and they eat together. Marjina says its all about fate only. These men will sell them tomorrow for some money. They have no humanity. Mariam thinks if she can save herself by selling the Talisman. In Zumma Bazaar a seller is selling dolls of 40 thieves but someone comes and ruins his shop. He tells everyone to find some magic which will free them from the thieves.

Kasim knocks on Ali’s room door and tells him to open it as they have to go to the Zumma Bazaar. Nazia says Ali left the house maybe so they both can go to the bazaar. Kasim says the door is locked from inside. Ali opens it and coughs along with Poya. He says he can’t go to the Bazaar due to bad health. Kasim leaves with Nazia. Ali reveals it was acting and he tells the kids to look after sick Dadi. They also say they will accompany him. Ali says he will finish his task and then he will take them to the Bazaar. Alifi says she will take care of the kids. Dadi wakes up in shock and keeps on saying 40 thieves will come for sure. Ali says they won’t come during daytime. He calms her and leaves.

One girl prepares Mariam and the latter asks her if she can free herself by giving the gem to Baizaad. The girl replies Mariam should not make this mistake and should keep the gem safely. Baizaad will not spare her and will even snatch the gem. Any of the slaves can steal it too. Baizaad gets ready to go to the Bazaar. Khusro spikes the food of the horses to stop them from going with Zorabar and his men. Zorabar notices that and he sees Ali and Khusro left for Bazaar on their horses. Zorabar suspects someone mixed something in the food of the horses to stop them from reaching Bazaar. He gets angry.

Baizaad drags Mariam and the latter says she has a gem which will give him more coins. He asks whats it? Mariam gets shocked seeing there’s no gem. She recalls that girl stole it from her who talked about hiding it. Baizaad gets mad at her and says he can even kill her for the lie. They make her unconscious and take her to the Bazaar. Ali tells his friends to search for Sehzaadi. Darakaazi also looks for her, saying Mariam has to get saved from Saddam. His partner says but they are not sure whether she will come here or not.

Simsim instructs the thieves to go to the Bazaar and their only motive will be snatching the Talisman, to wake Iblis up. They will kill whoever will try to stop them. Mariam is walking in half conscious state in the Bazaar. Darakaazi says they don’t need power to stop the thieves but they need a brave soul to face them who will not give up. Ali has been shown. Zorabar says Mariam might be present in the bazaar in normal get up as people are finding her. He fails to enter as he doesn’t have the entry allowance.

Precap- Ali tells Khusro thay he feels Mariam is here and he will get her. He mistakenly pushes a water pot and it falls on her face. She gains consciousness.

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