Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 19th November 2022 Written Update: Mariam gets tortured to convince Kartar


Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 19th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ali disappears with his magic by going out of the cave. Thieves understand his trick and get angry. They scream out of frustration. Ali falls in his room, and can’t move. Mariam goes near the cell where Kartar is staying. She tries to free him but he denies to come out of the cell saying he doesn’t want that as he will get caught again and will end up being inside the cell.

Simsim gets furious hearing that magician left. She says how can the thieves let him disappear with the Talisman again. This is not acceptable. Dadi takes care of Ali and he gets up in shock. He shows her the magic and says it’s working now everywhere with this locket. Mariam tries convincing Kartar that he has to save the innocent people of Kabul as they are in danger because of Saddam. How can he stay quiet seeing the people in risk. Kartar says his decision won’t change and he is not going to help her. She says if this is his final decision then fine. She starts hitting the wall with her sword repeatedly and it shocks Kartar. He asks her why is she doing that? Dadi explains to Ali that he has to control the power of Talisman’s magic. He needs to know how to utilise the magic properly. He should use this to help people and he should not use this for negative reasons. Ali thinks he has to learn real magic for right reasons. He is nothing without magic.

Thieves tell Simsim about Ali’s attire and add that Parbaaz people are not running out of food though the whole Kabul are craving for food. Simsim says they need to put the Parbaaz people in risk so that the magician himself accepts his defeat and gives them the talisman. Mariam gets beaten by the men after getting caught. Kartar feels bad for her and asks them to stop. He says they should not torture a girl, he thinks she came to help him but he can’t do anything. Mariam doesn’t reveal her identity to the men and they leave her alone.

Simsim encourages the thieves to to torture the Parbaaz people to control Ali. Kartar asks Mariam to not risk her life but he can’t escape that’s the truth. He tried earlier but failed everytime. He is fed up now, he shares how he used to be the weapon master in India and then he was sold by the Mughals to Afganis. Mariam says he lost hope for this but she also went through a lot. She lost her father, her home but still she is determined to fulfil her promise to her dying father that she will get back the throne from Saddam at any cost. Kartar looks on.

Precap- Simsim tells the thieves to kill Parbaaz people along with the magician. Thieves attack the people and they all run away in fear

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