Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 19th September 2022 Written Update: Ali fools Nazia


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali and Khusro searching for Mariam. Mariam is not in her senses. She is taken inside a place where the buyers are asked to choose the slaves as per their preferences. Zorabar comes in disguise of a buyer. He starts his acting and tells everyone to start the process of buying the slaves. Zorabar hears voice of Mariam’s cough and feels like she can’t be Sehzaadi. Simsim says that Saddam is an idiot who circulated a fake message about the thieves that they dont come out at daytime. But when Kabul people will be busy attending the Zumma Bazaar fearlessly and Mariam will also be present there then she will send her thieves to attack all of them. Simsim tells the thieves to go there.

Saddam arrives in horse and Baizaad tells Mariam that after sometime she will identified by Saddam and will be taken away by him. Baizaad adds he will get a lot of money in return. Mariam gets restless but he tells her to control her restlessness. One person introduces a big balloon in front of the people of Bazaar. He says it’s his creation and he named it as Udan Khatola. He says it can fly one day without anyone’s help. Everyone laughs at the person saying he must be kidding. This is not possible. Ali supports his creation saying this is possible and he believes it will happen one day. Zorabar taunts Ali saying the latter should leave else he will get insulted for his act. Ali also tells him to save his honour else people will make fun of him. He leaves thinking Zorabar can never reach Sehzaadi.

Mariam is forcibly locked inside a dark room until Saddam comes to identify her. She cries and feels helpless. Saddam gives speech to everyone that they should enjoy their moments in Bazaar, thieves will not come to attack them. The thieves come towards Kabul hurriedly. Saddam thinks once he successfully handover Mariam to Simsim, he will get relief. Nazia sees a person is selling Taabiz which can be used to capture husbands completely. She goes to buy that. Kasim tries to talk to Saddam and Ali hides seeing him. He feels he should not get caught by Kasim. He mistakenly pushes a water pot and the water falls on her through the window. She gains conciousness and gets up.

Darakaazi notices Saddam and loses his calm. He goes to catch him but his partner stops him saying he has to find Mariam first before attacking Saddam. Ali hides his face with a bucket and fools Nazia saying he is selling married hens and she can see them only if there’s love between her and her husband. Nazia sees it empty but still she lies she can see the hens. She gives coins to Ali to buy one. Fatima asks Ali if he found Sehzaadi. Ali says not yet but he is trying. Fatima says she will accompany him but Ali says it’s not safe for her. Dadi feels the presence of the thieves. Baizaad takes Saddam to the place of the slaves. Ali and Khusro don’t get permission to enter there and Ali feels Sehzaadi is there only. Zorabar follows him, Mariam is dragged by the men and Baizaad says the wait is over, Saddam is here to indentify her. Ali sees the sand storm and feels Dadi was right, the thieves are coming.

Precap- Ali tells everyone to run away as the thieves arrived. They start attacking the people in Bazaar. Ali tries to save Mariam by holding her hand and she tells him to leave her. They look at each other. Dadi gets happy.

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