Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul 20th January 2023 Written Update: Simsim gets fooled by a drunkard


Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul 20th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ali feeling determined to defeat Simsim and the thieves. He writes their names with sword. Monk says when they saved Ali they saw thieves were taking away a girl. He asks if Ali knows the girl. Ali says being emotional she is Marjina. There Simsim thinks how to find out that the thieves killed Ali or not. Alifi is about to stab the pin in her body but Simsim turns around. Alifi falls down in fear, she says she was scared thinking about the shadow as the shadow scared the whole Parbaaz. Simsim says she knows about Ali and she would like to meet him. Alifi says he is the family of the orphan children. He is everything for them. She says she will take Simsim to Ali’s friend Khusro who can tell her about Ali in detail. Simsim stops her from leaving and adds Alifi is not that smart how she feels she is. Alifi tells her to leave her alone.

There Poya prays for Ali’s return who can only save Nafi now. The drunk beggar walks holding the talisman. He talks nonsense and says he wants the surrounding to light up and shine. The talisman fulfils his wish and the magic happens. Simsim feels the talisman’s presence around her and leaves to check. Alifi feels relieved and picks the pin. She thinks soon Simsim will kill them all, why Ali is not coming back. Simsim notices the mark of the Talisman on the street. She follows the marks thinking she won’t spare Ali today. She will snatch the talisman from him no matter what. The beggar keeps walking and demands for another alcohol bottle from the talisman.

Ali reaches Simsim’s cave with Monk and Hasan. He says today he will destroy her world, he utters the spell Khul Ja Simsim. Simsim is about to catch the drunkard from behind thinking him to be Ali but then feels that someone entered her cave. She thinks who has the guts to enter the cave. Hasan says it means the treasure can be found in this cave. Simsim says how can Ali enter her cave if he is here with the Talisman. How he can apply magic in both places. She assumes Ali fooled her and engaged her in the Parbaaz so that he can harm Iblis inside the cave. Last time also Ali tried burning Iblis.

Ali shouts Simsim in the cave, Hasan says whoever enters here don’t come out safely. Thieves torture the Parbaaz people and kill them to find Ali. Simsim signals the thieves to go to cave immediately as Ali went there. Thieves leave for cave. Ali doesn’t see the shine of the treasure and finds out that the cave is empty and there is no treasure. Ali says something is wrong as neither Simsim nor her thieves are present. It can be a trap. He also searches for Marjina and calls out Simsim. He doesn’t find Iblis too and he wonders now where did Iblis go? He challenges Simsim to come out and reveal where is Marjina. She says she will kill Ali for entering the cave.

Pracap- Monk tells Ali that sword can tell him about any kind of past event. Ali sees the past to know where are Iblis and Marjina. Simsim calls Iblis.

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