Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 20th September 2022 Written Update: One thief finds a part of Talisman


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali seeing the sand storm. He cautions everyone saying the thieves are coming to attack them, they should run away. Saddam gets shocked and says Simsim betrayed him when he told her to send the thieves after he leaves. But they came before that. Baizaad says he knew it will happen and before the thieves reach Mariam, he will have to find her and save her. Kasim says how come the thieves are here at daytime. He runs away with Nazia. Mariam escapes from the captivity and runs away. Ali sees the forty thieves and gets flashes of his past when Mustafa stopped them.

Mariam bumps into the girl who stole the Talisman from her. She asks her why she betrayed her in return of trust. The girl runs away and drops the Talisman. Mariam picks it up and gets scared seeing the thieves. Ali says the way the thieves are aggressively coming towards them, they will destroy the Kabul. Mariam and Ali both wish for the ground to get cracked so that the thieves fall inside it. Their wish gets fulfilled due to the close contact of the lockets and they fall down. Mariam wonders how her wish came true. Simsim says how’s it possible, who made her thieves fall down.

Dadi dances out of joy and the kids get surprised. Dadi celebrates the unity of Mariam and Ali saying they finally met and the destiny will change. Ali goes to Nazia and Kasim to save them. Khusro brings a horse carriage and Ali sends Nazia and Kashim away from the Bazaar. He says he will handle the situation here. Baizaad finds Mariam and tries to catch her but she runs away. She hides from them and covers her body with a cloth. She sees Darakaazi and gets emotional. She recalls their last conversation. She calls him and goes after him in hurry. He turns back to see her as he heard the voice but she slips suddenly and he goes away without seeing her. That girl holds Mariam’s hand tightly and doesn’t let her go.

Mariam gets upset. Simsim appears in front of the thieves and tells them not to accept their defeat. Noone can make them lose. The thieves again come back and start killing the people in Bazaar. Ali thinks how the thieves came back? He notices their faces and says they are looking like devil. Fatima looks for Ali here and there. Zorabar comes to her and says Ali escaped already and now she should help him come out of this place. Fatima helps him and says he will return her favour one day. Ali searches for Fatima and sees the person who created Udan Khatola is trying to make his creation work. He gives his full efforts so that it starts to fly. Ali tells him that he will fail and it won’t fly.

One thief attacks the creator and he dies. Ali’s kids join Dadi and dance with her. Ali holds Mariam’s hand and drags her from the Bazaar but she asks him to leave her alone. They see each other and get surprised. Mariam recalls she saw him before too. That girl again steals the Talisman from Mariam and tries to run away but one thief notices that gem. He snatches it from her and kills her. Simsim gets excited to get united with Iblis.

Precap- Mariam tells Ali how to escape from the captivity. Ali says they have to wait but she says he has no idea they are in grave danger. Baizaad sends message to Saddam to identify Mariam. Saddam reaches the same place in disguise. He comes towards Mariam to attack her with a knife. Mariam gets afraid.

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