Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 21st January 2023 Written Update: Simsim loses her calm seeing Ali’s extreme step


The episode starts with Simsim fuming seeing Ali’s act. She says she won’t spare him for entering her cave. She turns into a shadow and goes towards the cave. Monk tells Ali that evils like to attack secretly but they have to be smarter than them. He tells about a special power of the sword which is show Ali the past event. He suggests Ali to use the power to see what happened to his Marjina. Hasan also encourages Ali, the latter obeys Monk and they see a magical circle. Ali feels it and says Iblis is here only, he is just invisible. He then shows Iblis to Monk and Hasan. Ali says Monk was right that Simsim disappeared Iblis and the treasure to protect them. It’s her tactics to fool them. Ali reads Mustafa’s book to know how Simsim was able to go out of the cave. He reads Simsim abducted Marjina to come out of the cave, now soon she will try to reach his kids and will try to get the talisman to turn Iblis alive.

He says he will now shock Simsim and the thieves by doing something which they never imagined. Later Simsim reaches the cave with thieves and she doesn’t find Iblis there. She says she felt someone entered her cave and it can’t be false. She says she can’t feel Iblis’s presence which means someone took him out of the cave. She says now they are running out of time and if she can’t give life to Iblis within right time then he will remain stone forever. She apologises to Iblis for not doing the work. She says she can’t lose her lover. She screams and tells the thieves that Mustafa’s younger son Ali has done all this. He outsmarted them by taking away Iblis. It’s matter of evil existence and they cant take chance with it. She strictly orders the thieves to catch Ali and bring back Iblis. She sees Ali’s footmarks and instructs the thieves to follow the same way to find Ali and Iblis.

Alifi looks at upset Poya and feels after Nafi’s disappearance he stopped eating. She decides to scold him for not eating food. She goes to Poya and rebukes him for torturing himself. Poya says he can understand her concern but he wants to know where are Ali and Nafi. He says Ali taught them everything except how to live without him. He and Alifi get disheartened. They get to know the wooden dolls turned into humans again. Poya and Alifi excitedly meet Nafi. Poya hugs him seeing him safe. Nafi asks them if they have any information about Ali. Why he is not returning back. Alifi says he will be back soon and till then they have to be the strength of each other. They sing Bam Dama Dam song. Simsim realises why she can’t feel Iblis anymore and what kind of magic is this. She says Ali is truly Mustafa’s son the way he has fooled her. She call out Ali loudly and he smiles hearing that. She says he hurt her sentiment deeply and she will give pain to him to such extent he can’t imagine. Monk says Ali provoked Simsim by taking out Iblis from the cave. Ali says he is not afraid at all, he wants to see Simsim’s pathetic condition at last. She won’t be able to harm anybody. Hasan feels proud of him and there Simsim says she will curse the whole Parbaaz and will kill everyone. Ali insulted her more than Mustafa today. Ali says Ali Baba is back to protect his people.

Precap- Ali comes to Parbaaz being a guard and Simsim thinks she will know who is he. There Ali’s kids believe Ali is Alive.