Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 21st November 2022 Written Update: Kartar learns about Mariam’s real identity


Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 21st November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Simsim saying she has gifts for forty thieves. She calls one of the thieves who is blessed with electric power. She tells him to use that power against the parbaaz people. Once the magician hears the scream of the Parbaaz people he will give them the talisman for sure. Once they get it they will kill them all. Dajjal says he will destroy everything in Parbaaz. He applies his power and Simsim smiles. Mariam tells Kartar to not give up like that, he has the scope to save people. She adds she will fulfil her promise to her father. She will fight for Kabul people and she can’t lose hope at any cost. She reveals her identity and Kartar gets surprised to know she is Sehzaadi, Sultan’s daughter. He pays respect to her and she says she needs his help in this mission. Ali gets upset that he couldn’t bring the treasure with him, he says he has to work on controlling the magical power of talisman.

He moves some stones and they go up, he fails and tries again. He tries to control the waves. Thieves head towards Parbaaz at full speed. Ali tries the magic on sword. He then thinks of using the magic to resolve the food crisis issue in Kabul. A huge amount of ration almost cover him up and he again tells the talisman to remove the ration. He says he is committing mistakes and he can’t defeat the thieves like that. Kartar says to Mariam his old self died long back and now he can’t help her. Mariam feels upset. Those men come to Mariam again and talk about selling her. They make her unconscious, Kartar warns them not to harm Mariam. They take unconscious Mariam to her buyer.

Ali walks on street and says he needs to help people with his magic. Ali sees an old man who gets a chit which states all his wishes will be fulfilled as he is really helpful. Ali tries to fulfil his and his wife’s wishes. His wife wants her husband to become young like Khusro. Ali fulfils it and the old man becomes Khusro. Ali gets shocked seeing that and thinks he didn’t assume she won’t ask for food. Old man scolds his wife and wishes his wife’s mouth to be shut. Ali fulfils it by mistake and she can’t speak. He then gives back her voice and also turns the old man into his real self. Ali thinks he has to stay away from people to practice magic. He ends up in a snowy hill. Thieves reach Parbaaz to attack the people.

People. Dajjal prepares to attack the people. Ali practices magic.

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