Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 21st September 2022 Written Update: Saddam goes to identify Mariam


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali getting shocked seeing Mariam. He thinks he held Fatima’s hand then why there’s another girl. She tries to run away but he says why she is wearing Fatima’s clothes and where is Fatima? Mariam says she has no idea, she tries to leave but he says he won’t let her go until she tells about Fatima. Khurram comes with his men and catch Mariam. Ali tells them that he will first learn about Fatima from Mariam. Khurram’s recruit hits Ali’s head and he falls unconscious. Ali and Mariam are taken away by Khurram and his men. Saddam sees the thieves are going back with the Talisman. Saddam starts acting in front of Kabul people that he is not like previous Sultan who will let those thieves snatch things from them. He threatens the thieves to get some praises. Simsim talks to Iblis that she has been waiting for him since so long. She spent lonely nights and now finally the wait is over. She will get to see him.

The thieves enter the cave and Simsim happily asks for the Talisman from them. She gets only one part of the Talisman and learns Mariam doesn’t have both the parts. She had only one part and they don’t know where is the other part. Simsim recalls Mustafa’s magic and says surely he separated the Talisman into two parts. She shouts in anger. Ali and Mariam are walking on the dessert with their hands tied and they are captured by Baizaad’s men. Mariam blames Ali for her condition and he says he thought she is Fatima but she is some other girl. Why she even wore Fatima’s clothes? She says it’s her choice, she can wear what she wants.

Ali praises his own personality and she calls him mannerless for blaming her. He also judges her on the basis of her royal accent. He says she acts too classy. He asks her where they are going? She says she has no idea. Baizaad tells his men to send message to Saddam that they caught Sehzaadi. Yajood reads the message for Saddam and the latter gets happy. He hugs Yajood and the latter asks for reward for giving the good news. Saddam says hugging Sultan is the reward for him. He asks Saddam what if he gets caught while going to Sehzaadi? Saddam says nothing will go wrong.

Baizaad warns Ali not to help Mariam escape else he will give him a life which will be worse than death. Ali gets nervous thinking where he got trapped. Mariam and Ali can’t move due to their tied hands. Ali’s kids wait for Ali and get worried. Dadi says Ali finally started living and he will get his goal. Ali’s kids don’t get her words. Mariam tells Ali to do something as they are in danger. Ali says what would he do as she got into trouble due to her own fault. He says his kids are waiting for him. She gets shocked to know he has five kids at this young age. He says they have five mothers which shocks Mariam even more. She thinks he is flirtatious. He adds Kasim will throw out his kids without getting money. She gets confused and says such brothers are no less than enemy. She then says but they have to do something fast to escape.

Baizaad suspects Saddam as thief and the latter reveals his identity. Baizaad says he will greet Sultan properly by feeding him. Saddam says he will go to washroom first. He feels someone is there and Mariam, Ali get scared and he signals her to be careful.

Precap- Simsim turns the thieves into some different people and tells them to use greed to get the Talisman. There Ali falls on Mariam by mistake

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