Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Alifi sends signal to Ali about the attack in Parbaaz


Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ali asking for snow with his magic. He says he wants all of that in front of his eyes. A snow storm creates and it comes towards him at full speed. He tries to control it and luckily succeeds. He says if he can’t control the talisman then it will put him in trouble one day. He works on that. Ali’s kids keep worrying for Ali and Khusro tells them to relax. He states Ali is out for some urgent work, he will be back soon. Dajjal applies his electrical power on Parbaaz people. Everyone wonders whats happening suddenly. Ali creates a storm with air and controls it later. He says he has to save her people from forty thieves and for that he can’t give up. He will keep practicing.

Ali’s friends get shocked seeing the thieves and Dajjal says once Ali handovers the talisman to them he will destroy everything in Parbaaz. Ali creates another storm with his magic and tries to control it. Dajjal captures some poor people and sets a death trap for them. If they slip they will hang to death. One woman pleads before Dajjal that they are weak and powerless so he should not torture the weak people. Dajjal waits for Ali’s arrival and there Ali works on his magic. Dajjal laughs in evil way and says even God can’t save these people from him. He notices storm in sky.

Ali feels tired and sits down. Mariam is taken to her buyer in unconscious state. Kartar arrives and attacks the cruel men who are holding her. He beats them up and saves Mariam from them. He takes her near a river. He helps Mariam gain consciousness. There Dajjal says he won’t change his motive but he will continue to kill the people until the magician comes. Mariam is happy to see Kartar out of the cell. She says they are safe in Parbaaz. Kartar says he is happy to see her fine.

Parbaaz people run away from the thieves and they start possessing the people and kill them. Alifi gets stunned seeing their power and Nafi says where is Ali and why he is not coming to save them? Parbaaz people pray for their saviour to come. Ali again gets up and starts practicing the magic. Alifi says they can inform Ali about the thieves in one way only by ringing the Parbaaz bell. She says she will go there alone leaving Poya and Nafi behind. She says they can’t go together else they all will die. Mariam brings Kartar to Parbaaz and she notices one thief is questioning a person about the magician. The person gets killed and Mariam gets worried for everyone. She says it means Ali’s family is also in danger due to the thieves. Mariam tells Kartar that they can’t go inside as it’s risky. Kartar says he can sacrifice everything for his people.

Parbaaz people cry out of pain and Dajjal says the magician doesnt love his people enough thus he is still not appearing here. He starts torturing them even more. One lady taunts him for being greedy for the talisman. Alifi goes near the royal bell in Parbaaz and rings it to send signal to Ali. Ali hears that and thinks maybe his kids are in trouble.

Precap- Thieves tell Mariam to beat the people with hunter. She does that without having any choice. Ali sees all that and thinks how can he give the talisman to the thieves, but if he doesn’t then the innocent people will die.

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