Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Ali and Mariam escape from the captivity


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saddam finding a rat. Mariam asks Ali to find a way out. Ali says he is trying and asks her will they just sell her or is there any other issue? Mariam thinks how to tell him that Saddam wants to kill her. Alifi asks Kasim about Ali and Kasim says her father is a jobless thug and he can be anywhere right now. They can’t waste time thinking about him. Alifi gets upset. Simsim tells the thieves that this is not their victory but it’s still incomplete. She applies a magic with one part of the Talisman. She creates a light with that over Iblis. The thieves promise her that they will bring the other part of the Talisman by tomorrow. Mariam tells Ali to not waste time by asking questions. Ali tells her to sing a song else he won’t be able to find an idea.

Mariam sings a tune and Ali gets an idea. He shouts that Mariam fell unconscious and she is sick. The guards come inside and Ali tells them to free him. He says he is a doctor and he can check Mariam what happened to her. Mariam acts like fainting and Ali attacks the men after he gets freedom. The guard tries to choke him and Mariam throws a stone at the guard. The guard attacks her and chokes her. Ali hits him and leaves with Mariam. Everyone tries to find them both and he hides with her inside a drum from them.

Simsim turns the men into some disguised men and tells them to use greed to find the other part of the Talisman. Humans are greedy and it will help them find the gem. She utters Salam Iblis. Ali asks Mariam why she didn’t thank him yet as he saved her. She says first of all, his plan should work otherwise she will not be thankful. One guard finds them and calls others. Ali shuts him up and then throws kerosene at a fire place and it sets the place on fire.

Saddam learns Mariam escaped again and he scolds Baizaad. He says Baizaad is good for nothing. Ali asks Mariam why she left without him. He asks her to obey him. She says why would she obey him. People follow her instructions. He asks who is she? She diverts the topic and hides her identity. Alifi worries for Ali informs Ali’s friends. Khusro assures her that if Ali doesn’t return back till night then they will give all efforts to find him. Mariam and Ali hide in a dark place but Saddam comes there with a knife. He almost finds Mariam. She gets scared.

Precap- Ali shouts he did it and he is proud. Mariam says she wants to go to Herat. He says but he won’t go there. He asks her if she is Sehzaadi. Zorabar gives an offer to Kasim and in return he has to throw away Ali’s kids. Ali’s kids get afraid.

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