Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Ali recalls an incident with his father


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 23rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali trying to wake Gulrez up. Alifa says she tried everything but Gulrez is not gaining consciousness. Ali comforts her and she takes breath finally. He feels relieved and Alifa asks him for how long it will go on like this. Gulrez needs to be treated. Ali goes to his step brother to arrange money for Gulrez’s treatment. He says he will get rich after decorating Sehzaadi’s Shamiyana and then he will pay off all the debt to his brother. His brother taunts him saying he will not even give a single penny to Ali. His wife also complaints to Ali against his kids. Ali pleads his brother to save Gulrez’s life and he mentions his Abbu’s good deeds. His brother slaps him saying that’s only Ali’s father not his. Ali is his step brother and Ali’s father got married to his second wife immediately after his first wife’s death. Since then Ali’s step brother hates him.

Ali says but his father defeated Iblis and his forty thieves to save Kabul’s people. Ali’s brother says Ali and his father both are useless. Ali asks for money from Shahi Khazana for Gulrez but his brother hurts him saying how dare Ali ask him to give money from Shahi Khazana. Ali gets hurt on his head and gets flashes of a war when his father fought with the real Ali Baba. Ali gets disheartened and self talks that whats the purpose of his life, why he is not a great magician like his father Mustafa. He can’t find a way out. He hears an old lady’s voice, who utters something related to moon. She draws a sign on the ground and Ali gets surprised seeing that. The scene shifts to 22 years ago when Ali secretly accompanied his father to go the magical cave near a waterfall.

Mustafa says “khul ja simsim” to open the door of the cave and Ali gets excited. He enters the cave while following his father. Ali is startled to see the huge treasure and he says he never saw this before. He is about to touch it but Mustafa stops him. Mustafa says what Ali is doing here? This place is unsafe for him. Ali says he wants to learn magic from him. Mustafa says a magician must be selfless and will not abuse his power to do something bad. He takes Ali to a place using his magic. He shows him a magical star where Iblis’s soul is caged. He talks about Iblis’s inhuman activities who made people’s lives hell in Kabul. Now its time to destroy the magical star to kill Iblis once an for all. Mustafa applies magic but Simsim arrives and she pushes him and Ali away. Mustafa recognises Simsim who is a betrayer and criminal of Kabul. She is also the protector of this cave.

Simsim says she finds it funny when humans try to be magicians. She attacks Mustafa and the latter tells Ali to escape. Simsim chases them and Mustafa runs away with Ali. Mustafa tries to protect Ali and utters “Khul ja Simsim” to open the door of the cave. Simsim catches them and says Mustafa won’t be able to save himself from her today. Ali shouts Abbu.

Precap- Zorabar provokes Ali’s brother and the latter slaps Ali. He says he feels ashamed to call him his brother. Ali loses hope and it gets revealed that his destiny is connected to Sehzadi Mariyam. The real Ali Baba wakes up.

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