Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Ali brings Iblis to Parbaaz


Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul 23rd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Khusro, Garifa getting happy to see Nafi back again. They hug him and ask about other people who turned into puppets. Nafi says they are also fine now. The Parbaaz people witness a person is entering the Parbaaz in swag. Hasan enters in disguise, Khusro asks him who are they? What is inside the coffin? Hasan says the Parbaaz people are not aware of their identity but they know them really well. Hasan talks to Zamrud about his goats. He creates suspense of the coffin and adds they all will get stunned seeing the stuff inside it. Ali shows his face and introduces himself as the new guard of the Parbaaz. He opens the coffin and everyone gets shocked seeing Iblis inside the coffin. Ali says he can turn the impossible into possible and thus he brought the evil king Iblis here. He is capable of doing everything, Zamrud asks him what was the need to do that? Ali thinks to find Simsim here he took this step. Simsim thinks what new drama is going on here. She notices Iblis’s body tied with chains. She screams in anger and everyone falls down due to that. They wonder what is happening. Simsim goes towards Iblis and tries to touch him to untie him. But she gets a big shock and gets hurt as well. She realises that the magical sword’s power is stopping her to touch the body of Iblis.

Simsim apologises to Iblis for not being able to free him because of the sword. Ali looks for Simsim here and there and she also thinks she will kill Ali once he is found. The Parbaaz people try to run away but Ali stops them saying they don’t have to get afraid. People say that they don’t need a guard like him who welcomes trouble for them. Ali asks Hasan to pinch Iblis and the latter obeys him. Ali says Iblis didn’t react it means he is dead. He can’t harm anyone here, Simsim fumes seeing all of that and adds she will kill them for calling her lover dead. She controls her anger and there the people ask Ali if he killed Iblis? Ali and Hasan start laughing, Ali says Mustafa only killed Iblis and their doubt was correct that the Farishta is Saviour only. Saviour took Iblis’s body out of the cave and he also saved them many times. Poya thinks if the guard knows anything about Ali.

Ali reveals that the saviour is none other than their well wisher Ali Baba. He is Mustafa’s son. Ali’s kids get shocked knowing the truth, Simsim thinks but how come this guard got Iblis’s body. Alifi, Poya and Nafi ask Ali about their father. Ali lies that Ali Baba is dead, he did almost everything to save them but when they found him he was dead. Simsim gets shocked seeing Nafi in human form. She thinks why her magic didn’t work and Nafi is back. She gets stunned knowing Ali is dead. Nafi questions Ali their father can’t die like that. He is lying only. Nafi breaks down to tears.

Precap- Ali says Ali Baba’s killer knew something about Ali and they will find out the killer. They will keep eyes on Iblis. Simsim gains Ali’s attention.

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