Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Mariam slaps Ali


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saddam heading towards Mariam and Ali hits him. Saddam falls unconscious and Ali takes her outside. Mariam thinks she can’t ride a horse but Ali tells her to leave. Mariam sits on the horse and it starts running. Ali is left alone and he hopes for a horse to appear. A horse comes and he thanks his destiny. He leaves immediately. Baizaad tells Saddam that Mariam ran away, Saddam gets angry and tells him to say something different, not the same thing. He kills two recruits of Baizaad as they failed to catch Mariam. Saddam threatens to kill Baizaad with a knife saying if he fails to find Mariam this time then he will kill him. Mariam screams for help and tells Ali to save her. Ali somehow stops the horse and they both fall down. Ali falls on her and they share a moment.

Mariam slaps him twice thinking he is trying to flirt with her. He says he is helping her but in return he doesn’t deserve to get a slap. She says she doesn’t like him at all and she doesn’t need him. He says he won’t leave her alone here else people will say Ali Baba left a girl alone in danger. She sees the edge of the cliff and gets scared. Ali is about to leave with the horse but Mariam stops him and asks for help. He thinks she will now apologise to him. Ali’s kids worry for Ali as he didn’t come back yet. They question Alifi why did she fool them and told them to sleep without thinking about their father. They should find him. Alifi says Kabul people are already in danger due to thieves. She can’t allow them to leave like this. They should take help from elders. Khusro assures the kids that they will find Ali for sure. Fatima says they should try their best. Zorabar acts like he is sad for Ali’s disappearance. He says what will happen to his orphan kids without him.

Khusro tells him to shut up and Zorabar keeps on taunting that Ali is missing from Zumma Bazaar and thieves attacked everyone there. Some people even died. Kids get shocked and ask Khusro why he didn’t inform them about it. Zorabar says he should have told them. Ali’s kids insult him for his cruel nature. They say that they are sure Ali is fine and he will be back as their prayers are with him. Zorabar gets mad at them. Ali asks Mariam while walking if she is affected by heat. She can cover herself with a cloth. She says he can arrange an umbrella for her. She says she wants to go to Herat and he says but he is not going there. She says but she will go, he asks her why she is behaving like Sehzaadi. She hides her identity and then he says which direction they should follow. She says they should follow the path where greenery can be seen. Ali says but it will vanish after sometime.

Zorabar decides to teach lesson to orphan kids, he gives an offer to Kasim that he will give 250 coins in return of his house and for that he has to throw away the orphan kids. Zorabar says Kashim should not reject such a good opportunity which will welcome him in the Royal street again. Ali already ran away leaving the kids. Kasim gets into thinking and Nazia says he should accept the offer and she will mix sleeping pills in the food of the kids and will lock them in boxes. They will be carried away by the river. She says they don’t have to think for those kids. Noone will get to know about them. Kasim gets scared and asks what if Musa comes back to see the kids. Nazia says he is a betrayer and he will not come back again to give them money. They should not reject Zorabar’s huge offer. Kasim stops him and accepts the offer. Nafi overhears that and thinks where is Ali, he should save them from his heartless brother Kasim. .

Precap- Mariam tells Ali to leave her alone. They both go in different directions. Dadi says this isnt right, Ali will get into big trouble by leaving her. Ali’s kids decide to fight for their rights.

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