Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 24th August 2022 Written Update: Ali gets shook by a dream


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 24th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mustafa outsmarting Simsim and he gets the Tilasma. He runs away with Ali and closes the cave door before Simsim could catch him. Simsim shouts Iblis. Mustafa rides the horse and tries to escape with Ali. Iblis hears Simsim’s voice and chases Mustafa. Ali says why Simsim is chasing them? Mustafa says they are forty thieves. He tells Ali to hide and goes forward to handle the situation. Iblis makes Mustafa falls down and says noone can defeat him. He likes to spread terror and likes destruction. Mustafa says that’s his bad habit. He applies magic on the forty thieves and makes them stones as long as the moon is safe in the sky.

Iblis gets angry and he says he is a devil not a human. He attacks Mustafa and says last time he lost his wife while coming to take the Tilasma. What will he lose today? Ali rushes to save his father and Iblis threatens to kill him. If Mustafa wants to save his son then he will handover the Tilasma to Iblis. Mustafa throws the Tilasma to Iblis and saves his son but Iblis realises Mustafa fooled him with his magic. Mustafa destroys the Tilasma and Iblis turns into a stone. Mustafa gets stabbed and he somehow saves Ali from falling. He blesses Ali saying the latter will be the biggest magician ever in Kabul. He will protect everyone. Mustafa dies.

Ali wakes up from sleep and asks Dadi that he again saw the same dream and the cave. Dadi says Khalal Darar which confuses Ali. He decides to find out the meaning of it one day. Simsim gets happy and says soon her lover Iblis will wake up to rule over Kabul. Ali’s kids wait in the queue to take bath. Ali creates misunderstanding between two old men and they start arguing. Ali goes to take bath with his kids by taking advantage of the situation. In Saahi Sadak Zorabar takes bath in luxurious style but his brother says that Ali is crossing his line and soon he will come to stay in Saahi Sadak then there will be no difference between them and those Mamuli Gully people. Zorabar talks to his father regarding the matter. He says how can Ali get the permission to enter Sehzaadi Mariyam’s Shamiyana.

Mariyam wakes up and calls her caretakers. Daijaan scolds them for not taking care of Mariyam properly. Mariyam says she is overreacting. Daijaan asks to bring down all the curtains when Mariyam starts walking. Mariyam gets hurt on her feet and Daijaan panics. Mariyam calms her down to which Daijaan replies its her responsibility to take care of Sehzaadi. Mariyam learns that some people don’t even get food to eat. She says it’s everyone’s right to get proper food so she orders to send biryani to every households in Kabul. Daijaan says Mariyam is so innocent and has no idea about the world’s cruelty. She should always be happy.


Precap- Zorabar provokes Ali’s brother and the latter slaps Ali. He says he feels ashamed to call him his brother. Ali loses hope and it gets revealed that his destiny is connected to Sehzadi Mariyam. The real Ali Baba wakes up and Simsim gets happy.

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