Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 30th September 2022 Written Update: Mariam shares her story with Ali


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 30th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali telling Mariam to take care of herself as he knows her. She gets scared. He says he meant she will faint out of weakness. She says she won’t be burden on him. He thinks she is burden on this earth. She asks what did he say? She asks him why is he taunting her. He mocks her saying she is more sensitive than his kid Gulrez. He worries for his kids and becomes silent. She asks him what happened to him. A beggar asks a shopkeeper for some money but the latter pushes him away. Ali helps the beggar by giving five coins. The beggar blesses Ali.

Mariam recalls her father’s prayer and says she attended it and really liked the arrangement there. Ali asks her if he said salam to her there? Mariam says not she but she saw him there. She says she heard the person who arranged the prayer was a fraud. Ali says the intention was not wrong. He praises Mariam’s father for being the best Sultan for them. Mariam finds his thinking as pure. She says his kids must be waiting for him. He says he is also missing them a lot. He hopes they are safe. Nafi faints while eating the food and Gulrez also falls unconscious. Alifi panics seeing them. They all faint and some people come there.

Ali tells Mariam that he wants to earn 1000 coins for his kids. Mariam praises him and he gets surprised hearing that. He teases her and she says he doesn’t deserve to hear praises. Kasim tries to find Ali and gets angry as it’s against his wish. He says to Nazia Musa is also missing. Where they will find him. The thief says he checked everywhere but didn’t find the Talisman other half yet. He notices Ali’s poster from far and sees the locket he is wearing. He recognises it and goes towards it. Mariam sees Kabul Shahi soldiers and wonders if Saddam sent them here to catch her. She tells Ali that they can’t cross the blockade. It’s risky. Ali asks her if she is hiding something. She thinks she can’t let the sacrifices go to waste. Zorabar laughs seeing Ali’s missing poster and thinks noone is going to find him. The thief takes the poster but doesn’t see the face as it has been torn by someone. He says who is wearing the Talisman locket.

Mariam says she has a secret and Ali asks her to share that. She reveals how her father and relative got into a fight and her father got killed. She regrets for not saving him, she heard she is only safe in Herat so she is going there. She asks Ali if he trusts her words. He replies he will help her cross the blockade. He tries to find an idea and Mariam sings a tune to make it easier for him. He gets happy and gets an idea. Ali’s kids wake up in an unknown place and wonder where are they. Nafi tells a man that he had a misunderstanding thus he brought them here. One boy says they are stuck here and can’t leave. Ali’s kids think what is this place. One scary person comes there and reveals he only fed them spiked food due to which they faint. Nafi thinks they are trapped now only Ali can save them.

Ali talks to the soldiers and says his hand is fractured so he can’t do anything to give them proof who is he. He calls Mariam as his doctor. Mariam covers her face and soldiers ask her to show her face else they can’t let them go. Mariam gets tensed.

Precap – the thief gives Ali’s torn poster to Simsim and she says they have to find him for Iblis else everything will be destroyed.

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