Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Mariam shows concern to Ali


Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ali asking the talisman for the power to defeat Fakri. He creates an electrical energy and fails to control it. He tries hard to control it but the energy affects the Parbaaz people. One man is about to fall from the roof but others save him. People doubt Ali’s potential that maybe he is here to kill them not to save them. Ali gets furious and he shouts Fakri. He says without any control the magic has no meaning to him. He decides to try once more. He picks some stones with the magic but they hit the people instead of hitting the snake. Ali gets shocked and Khusro tells him he has to kill the snake not the poor people. Ali again wishes the ground to start shaking so that the snake falls down. The earth shakes and Khusro loses his balance. He falls down and Fakri chases him. Khusro runs away from the snake. Ali thinks what is happening with him, why he is failing to control the talisman. He thinks Simsim will kill everyone here. He can’t let that happen. He recalls Mustafa and Iblis’s conversation how Iblis asked Mustafa for the talisman and the latter fooled him.

Ali decides to fake giving the real talisman to Fakri. He creates a duplicate one with magic and calls out Fakri. He says he will handover it to him and in return Fakri has to leave his people alone. Simsim feels greedy and orders Fakri to snatch the Talisman from Ali immediately. Fakri goes near Ali. Ali’s friend asks Mariam why the saviour is giving the talisman to Fakri! She says she trusts the saviour. Fakri opens his mouth to take back the talisman but Ali puts a huge box inside his mouth. Fakri dies after swallowing it. Simsim screams his name and says he cant die. Its not possible. Ali disappears and everyone comes together. People hug each other happily as they are now safe. They praise Mariam as they are saved by her.

They try to find the saviour but Ali there thinks he can’t defeat all by such tricks. He needs to know how to control the talisman magic. He goes back to Parbaaz being Ali. Kasim hugs Ali and asks him where was he? He was worried for Ali. Ali feels happy seeing Kasim’s worry. Ali acts like he had no idea about the snake. He says the saviour has done a great job. Mariam scolds Ali for coming late and says if anything happened to him what would she do? Ali teases her and asks her if she is fine. Mariam says it will take time to make everything better. Ali recalls Simsim’s words. He says he won’t spare her for her act today. He will burn Iblis alive for her cruel act. Ali cooks up a story to convince his family that how he was trapped by some kidnappers. He rescued himself somehow using his brain. He fought them alone. Poya almost reveals Ali is the protector and he knows about Fakri. But Ali covers it up.

Precap- Ali enters Simsim’s cave and attacks Iblis. Simsim fights with Ali to save Iblis

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