Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul Upcoming Story: Ali to avoid answering the questions of Alifi ?


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Sab TV show Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul will witness a shocking twist very soon. The show revolves around Ali and Mariam’s struggle to save Kabul from the terror of Iblis and his forty thieves. Simsim is trying her best to wake Iblis up by getting the Talisman gem but will she succeed? that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Ali feels sad for his kids when they start crying for Ali Baba’s death. Nafi and Poya are unable to believe that. However Ali says he is telling the facts only. He tells that he is equally upset for Saviour’s death but he wants to find the killer of him.

The killer knows some secret which is why he killed the saviour. He says his eyes will be on Iblis always. Simsim gets angry at him and then she tells the thieves about the magical sword which stopped her from freeing Iblis from the chains. She says she will

Save Iblis before the deadline, there Ali is determined to reach Marjina. Simsim says she will not spare anyone who insulted Iblis. Abdali gets shocked knowing she is Simsim only. Later kids decode that guard is lying about Ali when Poya reveals that Ali is the saviour then how can he die so easily.

Alifi says maybe he kept it a secret to save his people from danger. They question Ali aka the guard about Ali Baba’s dead body. Ali says he buried him and then he avoids answering Alifi’s questions which makes the latter doubt him even more. She asks him to swear on her.

In future episode viewers will see, Simsim will think of finding out the reality of the guards first. There Ali will be eager to find Marjina.

Will Ali’s kids accept the new face of Ali?

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