Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Undekha Upcoming Story: Rumana’s demand to Alifi


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Sab TV show Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Undekha will witness a shocking twist very soon. The show revolves around Ali trying his best to make Marjina remember him and the thief’s dangerous game around children.

Previously we have seen that, Ali understood that his suspicion was right and Shezada was the monster. Shezada was about to catch Ali but another soldier fall victim to his prey. Ali was upset about the same while Marjina consoled him not knowing the real reason for his sadness.

Poya regretted for ignoring Alifi’s warnings. Alifi found Poya missing and started searching him. Ammi Jaan proposed marriage to Marjina for Shezada. Ali intervenes before Marjina could give her answer irking Ammi Jaan. Ammi Jaan asked her to think and decide.

Ali said Marjina that his mother always told that they should marry those whom they know very well about. Marjina said that as much as she knows Shezada is a very noble person who saves people’s lives from monster. On the other hand, Shezada was seen killing people as monster. Ali got upset with Marjina’s stupid trust.

Marjina is confused when she finds Ali’s face in her mind upon thinking about her soulmate. Alifi blamed herself for failing in the promise she made to Ali to protect the kids. Ali found a truth painting which shows the true story behind Marjina and Shezada.

Simsim erased Marjina’s memory so that she would marry Shezada in her own will and Shezada can turn her into a monster too to give birth to monster kids. In return she took the ring Iblis gave to Shezada.

In the future episodes we will witness, Rumana will demand Alifi to say the truth about where is Ali in order for her to turn the kids back from goat to human.

People will pelt stones at Marjina and her friends and Ali will cover them to protect them. Marjina will wonder why is Abran risking his life for her.

How will Ali come back with Marjina? Will the kids escape from the thief?

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