Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Undekha Upcoming Story: Will Marjina remember Ali?


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Sab TV show Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Undekha will witness a shocking twist very soon. The show revolves around Ali trying his best to make Marjina remember him and the thief’s dangerous game around children.

Previously we have seen that, Ali comes to a weird place upon Shagufta Begum’s guidance and comes across an evil monster. He defeats it. He makes Shezade believe that Shagufta is dead. Shezade successfully completed the first two rituals.

Shezade says that the last ritual is that he needs to attack his bride. While he is about to attacks her, Ali finds the pin and attacks Shezade in his back. However Shezade still bit Marjina for revenge. He was even more shocked seeing his mother alone while his mother says how Ali saved her.

Marjina faints in Ali’s arms and Ali tries to wake her up. Shezade believed that Marjina would turn into a monster but Shagufta ruined it too as she exchanged the drink in the second ritual.

Shezade was caught and Ali left with Marjina bidding goodbye to the people. Shagufta gave him a gift for Marjina. Both Ali and the kids are caught in a dust storm. Alifi saw Ali there and call out for him. However she missed him and considers it to be her hallucination. Marjina woke up and demanded to go back to Shezade when Ali gave her Shagufta’s gift.

She found the people there happy but got upset seeing Shezade in cage as monster. She wanted to go there and marry him to relieve him off the curse. Ali tries explaining her but in vain. Marjina while arguing falls in a pit with Ali. She manages to fool Ali but the cave belonged to a headless monster. Ali thanks Marjina away before she could encounter with the monster.

The kids also reach their place but Nafi and Poya heard the thieves talk about some talisman hiding. They shared it with Alifi who revealed that Chote Koswaal is Ali. They all rejoiced.

In the future episodes we will witness, A wedding takes place where the bride urges to quicken the process else the devil would be there to ruin it. Just as she said ,the headless monster comes there in his horse and captures the groom. Everyone gets scared

Will Ali and the kids have their reunion?
Will Marjina remember Ali?

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