Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 10th March 2023 Written Update: Marjina is confused about what to believe.


The episode starts with Marjina fainting in Shezade’s arms. Shezade promises himself to not let Ali escape from his wrath. Romana searches for Humaira while Humaira comes to her in the form of the goat. Romana couldn’t identify her. The kids watch Romana hiding behind a tree. They ask where Humaira and Alifi point at the goat. They by mistake make sound but escape from Romana. Romana leaves the place.

Marjina gets consciousness and gets scared seeing Shezade. She calls him a monster and a murderer. Shezade points a knife at her. Ali beats up the security and comes to Shezade. He finds Shezade forwarding the knife in front of Marjina and forces her to kill him. He says that he can’t bear to see the hatred for him in her eyes. Ali sees it and wonders what new game he’s playing. He says he’s not the monster but he’s born with the curse. He says that he doesn’t want to live life. He says that his curse will be cured only when he marries a girl who marries him with her own consent. Ali shouts that it’s a lie and asks Marjina not to trust him. He says that he would turn her into a monster too if she marries him. Shezade traps Marjina with his emotional drama and runs away. Marjina wonders if he would try to take his life again.

Alifi and the kids escape from the jungle and rejoice the same. Poya asks Alifi if Ali is really alive. Alifi thinks that it’s best to hide the truth from her. She laughs and says that she lied about it to save them. Poya finds it hard to believe but Alifi says it’s true. Poya wishes that her lie turned out to be true. Haida consoles Alifi. They try to run away before Romana catches them. They find two ways and wonder which one is the way to Home. Nafi decides to follow the path by luck.

Shezade is beating himself with hunter and Marjina stoos him. Shezade puts up an emotional act and Marjina gets into thinking. His mother pleads Marjina to agree to marry Shezade and free him for the curse. Ali asks Marjina to not fall for their tricks while Marjina is confused about whom to believe. Just then Shezade reveals Ali’s true self to Marjina shocking her.

Precap: Ali is in jail and will pray that Marjina doesn’t give her consent to marry Shezade. On the other hand, Marjina gives her consent to marry Shezade. Shezade flaunts it to Ali and says that he feels a different kind of happiness seeing him suffering. He says Marjina will definitely turn into a monster after marrying him.