Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 1st March 2023 Written Update: Rumana turns Poya into a goat.


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shezada’s mother asking him to leave while she would keep the window open for him. Ali forwards food to Shezada and forces him to eat. He asks who he is and Marjina comes there and says that he’s son of Abdul Chacha. His mother says that Abdul Chacha’s son is dead but Ali says that he’s hos adopted son. Shezada thinks that he needs to get out before his real self gets exposed and is about to leave him but Ali stops him saying that it’s his first day in job and he would be fired if he doesn’t taste the food made by him.

Marjina also requests him to leave after having the food. Shezada’s mother asks him to fulfill Marjina’s request and Marjina leaves happily. Shezada asks why is she asking him to stay and his mother says that they can’t afford to upset Marjina. Shezada was about to go in but Ali stops him and asks him to remove his footwear as his mother asked him to always respect food. Marjina is impressed by his act. Shezada starts having food when suddenly the rays fall on him and he turns into a monster.

Alifi and the children along with the thief comes to Rumana’s house. Rumana welcomes them and Alifi finds a large bowl of soup getting boiled. She wonders why would a single person need so much of soup and gets doubtful. Poya and other kids gets excited to have the soup. Rumana is about to offer it but Alifi stops her saying that they would have food brought by them. Rumana and the thief gets irked. Rumana spoils the food brought by Alifi and team. Poya says about bad smell coming from the food and Alifi wonders what to do. Dadi and others suggest her to accept Rumana’s food but Alifi stays firm in her decision. She suggests them to sleep without having food. Rumana tries to put up an act of getting hurt but Alifi convinces her.

Rumana is determined to turn them into goats. Shezada comes out of his dream of getting exposed in front of Marjina and others. He decides to leave before the dream turns real. He’s about to leave when Ali stops him to have something specially made for him. Shezada gets furious at Ali’s pestering while he continues to stop him. Rumana finds everyone sleeping except Alifi who’s watching over them. She puts her to sleep too with her magic and wakes up Poya. She offers the soup to him who readily accepts. Upon drinking a bowl, Poya turns into a goat. Ali applies haldi under Shezada’s shoes to track him. Shezada’s mother puts up an act of choking and Shezada uses the opportunity to escape. Ali understands their plan.

Precap : Ali will follow Shezada’s foot prints and will see him turning into monster. Ali will understand that his suspicion was right and Shezada is the monster.

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