Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 27th February 2023 Written Update: Alibaba rusks his life for Love.


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 27th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali seeing Marjina going towards Shezada’s room and wonders how to follow her. He finds few servants about to go to his room to deliver food and gets an idea. Marjina brings ointment to apply on Shezada’s wound. She finds him shirtless and turns around in shyness. He wears his dress back and Marjina says that she brought ointment for his wound. Shezada takes the ointment from her and applied in his wound but experience burning sensation on his skin. Marjina asks what’s wrong and he nods no. The servants come in with food for Shezada.

Ali also enters with them and hides behind the curtains without anyone noticing. He watches as Marjina asks Shezada how did he get the wound. Shezada recalls fighting with a masked person and lies that he fought with Devil which resulted in the injury. Marjina gets worried for him and asks him not to go out at night. Shezada asks how could he be at home as he needs to save the people from devil. Marjina calls him an angel sent by God to save the people. Ali gets irked that Marjina believes anything he says but is not ready to listen even his single word. He makes some sound and gets caught by Shezada.

Alifi scolds Poya for going without having any idea about what’s happening. Shebwarns them about the thief anywhere nearby them. Poya says that he was drawn to the smell and couldn’t control himself. The thief who’s in disguise of their Dadi mocks them in her mind. She recalls meeting with Rumana who changes children to goats and keeps them with them . The thief strikes a deal with Rumana to bring Ali’s kids to her and she needs to get Ali’s location and after that can turn them into goat. She makes the kids eat some fruits. Shezada asks Ali about who he is and he keeps saying that he came to get something which belonged to him.

Shezada says that everything there belongs to only him. He hits Ali and Marjina wonders why she’s in pain seeing him in pain.Ali thinks that if there’s any ounce of love left in Marjin’s heart for him then she would definitely save him. If not he’s ready to die for her. Shezada strikes the sword towards Ali but Marjina catches it with her hand getting wounded in the process. Shezada gets concerned for her and gets taken aback when Marjina says she already knew Ali. He thinks to kill Ali if he’s related to her past but Marjina says that she knew him as a trader and asks him not to kill him. Shezada let’s go off him. After coming out Shezada thinks to do something about them wound. Ali gets romantic with Marjina but Marjina throws him out.

Precap: Ali will catch Shezada and his mother’s conversation with each other. His mother will ask him to compete the work for which they brought Marjina there. Ali will wonder what’s the work while he makes sound by mistake. They both gets alerted.

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