Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 28th February 2023 Written Update: Alibaba hears Shezada’s conversation with his mother.


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 28th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alibaba recalling Shezada having the same wound as the one the devil had. He decides to find the truth as soon as possible. He suspects something suspicious there and he uses his sword to reveal the secret pathway. He understands that Shezada has used his magic to hide the path and decides to find the truth. He finds only one room a nd checks in it. He finds Shezada and his mother having a conversation. She asks why did he bring her to the secret place. Shezada shows the wound to his mother which was given by someone he couldn’t identify. He suspects someone having a close watch on them.

Ali wonders why the Shezada so much worried about a simple wound. His mother says that he’s worried that one after another attack is happening on us. She wonders how could someone enter their extremely secret place. She says that before the time turns against them they need to complete the job for which they brought Marjina there. Shezada says that he is waiting for shaitaani night for the same. Ali wonders what it could be. He by mistake makes some sound with stones but escapes before they could notice him. They wonder who’s the person that manages to enter the place which is not visible to anyone.

Ali bumps with Abdul Chacha who’s worried about serving food to Shezada. Ali convinces him to let him serve his job and he can take the money for his family. Abdul Chacha agrees and Ali decides to go in disguise. Chacha warns him to not go out of palace at night and Ali thinks that it’s exactly what he’s going to do. Shezada comforts his mother saying that it’s definitely the person who attacked him before and promises to end him once and for all. Rumana and the thief sees Alifi planning to leave the place with the kids. Rumana suggests to kill them but thief says she needs them alive in order to find Ali’s location. Marjina is making food for Shezada when Ali comes there and introduces himself as Abrar son of Abdul Chacha.

He bickers with her while her friends call him bold for arguing with Marjina. The Thief who’s disguise of Dadi pretends like she fell and the kids tries to wake her up. She says she’s badly hurt and can’t move anymore. Rumana comes there and offers them to stay with her. Alifi feels something is not right and is determined to leave. Rumana and the thief fumes over her sharpness. Rumana uses her magic spell to make the other kids fall ill and Alifi suspects Rumana behind it. However she didn’t have an option but to stays there given their health conditions and decides to keep a close watch on them. Rumana and the thief smirks.

Precap : Rumana will find Alifi watching over the sleeping kids and will get irked at her sharpness. She will put her to sleep using her magic. Once Alifi sleeps, Rumana will wake up Poya and will ask if he’s hungry. He will say that he is and Rumana will offer him a drink. Upon having it Poya will turn into a goat.

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