Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Alifi leaves to search Poya unaware of him turning into a goat.


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Marjina finding Shezada already left and believes that he went to check on the monster. Ali feels bad for her who believes Shezada and his mother blindly. He follows Shezada’s footprints using the haldi he applied on his shoes and finds him turning into the monster. He understands that his suspicion turned out to be true. Ali hides as Shezada comes out. He’s about to spot Ali when the monster gets diverted by a soldier who passes by that side. The soldier gets killed by Shezada alias the monster. Ali escapes in the meantime but also feels bad that he couldn’t save the innocent soldier. Marjina searches for Abran and wonders where he went without cooking food. Abran comes there lost in his thoughts and doesn’t answer to any of Marjina’s questions. Marjina stops him as he’s about cut his finger absent mindedly.

Marjina scolds him for the same. Ali suddenly hugs Marjina taking her in surprise. She scolds him for his act when Abran apologizes her saying that he did it out of his fear for the monster as everyone were talking about it. Marjina understands his situation and gives him courage to not feels scared. She gives him her sacred thread so that he doesn’t feel like he’s in danger. She assures him that Shezada will save them all from the monster and leaves. Ali feels bad that she doesn’t know the truth about Shezada.

Rumana and the thief were discussing about Alifi while they plan to change all the other kids into goats so that Alifi have no chance but to say the truth to them. Poya who’s a goat now regrets for not listening to Alifi’s words. He wakes up Alifi and ties saying the truth to her but Alifi couldn’t understand. They find Poya missing and Alifi goes in search of him. Shagufta Begum gives expensive jewels to Marjina but Marjina refuses to accept it. Begum proposes marriage to Marjina with Shezada while Marjina is confused about what to answer. Ali hears them from outside and interrupts when Marjina is about to give her answer. Begum gets irked with his intrusion and speaks harshly with him. She turns to Marjina and asks her to decide after thinking well. Marjina takes her leave while Begum is sure that Marjina will definitely agree soon.

Precap : Ali will say Marjina that his mother always told that they should marry those whom they know very well about. Marjina will say that as much as she knows Shezada is a very straightforward person who saves peoples lives from monster. On the other hand, Shezada will be seen killing people as monster.

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