Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Shezada stroked a deal with Simsim for Marjina.


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali advising Marjina to take any decision about marriage without thinking properly about it. Marjina warns him to not cross his limits. Ali says that his mother always told to know well about the partner before choosing them. Marjina says that all that she knows is that Shezada is a noble person and dedicates his life to save others. On the other hand, Monster Shezada is seen killing people.

Ali loses his cool over her stupidity and Marjina also gets angry at him and leaves. Ali recalls Shezada’s conversation with his mother and believes that the marriage is related to their evil motive but couldn’t figure out their plan. Alifi and others searches for Poya every where while Poya watches helpless. Thief who’s pretending to be Dadi suggests to go back as she don’t want to risk others life too as .She says that they can continue searching in the morning and return now. Everyone agrees with her. Alifi cries defeated that she couldn’t able to keep the promise she made to Ali to protect the kids. Poya in his goat form asks Alifi not to blame herself. He tries to get her attention but in vain.

Marjina’s friends happily asks her about her marriage proposal with Shezada. Marjina says that she does like Shezada but is confused whether he really considers him her life partner. Her friend suggests her to close and think about her life partner. She says that whoever’s face she sees in it is her supposed soulmate. Marjina didn’t believe in it but her friends force her and so she tries it. She gets surprised when Ali’s face appears in her dreams and wonders why would the fool’s face appear in her mind. Her friends ask whose efface appeared and Marjina lies that no one. Ali finds Shagufta Begum rushing to open the window for Shezada to come back through it. He gets irked that he couldn’t find their motive. While passing by he finds a secret underground pathway and enters into it. He comes to an abandoned place with a single painting and many statues covered in white cloth.

Alibaba finds the painting alive and asks who it is. The painting identifies itself as Sach Ki Tasveer and says that it only says the truth. Ali asks about Marjina to it and the picture says that it would only say a truth for a truth. It asks who he is and Ali introduces himself as Alibaba and is there for Marjina. Since he said the truth the picture shows him the backstory of Marjina and Shezada. Marjina was brought to Shezada by Simsim who in exchange demands Shezada for the ring Iblis gave him for saving his life. She needed the ring to come out of the mirror. She erased Marjina’s memories so that she herself will willingly marry Shezada and then can bear his children after turning a monster herself too. Ali finally finds the truth about Marjina.

Precap : Rumana will demand Alifi to say the truth about where is Ali in order for her to turn the kids back from goat to human. People will pelt stones at Marjina and her friends and Ali will cover them to protect them. Marjina will wonder why is Abran risking his life forever.

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