Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 6th March 2023 Written Update: Gul witness Shezade transforming


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Marjina questioning Shezade that how did he let the monster harm people when every night he leaves to stop the monster. Ali thinks that when the seeds of doubt settle in Marjina then his work would be made simple. Shezade says that she’s right and removes his shirt to show the wounds on his body. Marjina is shocked seeing it and feels guilty for doubting him.

Shezade says that he got these wounds while fighting the monster. He adds that he’s just a human and can only fight to some extent. He promises her that he would make sure to get away with the fear of the monster from the people’s heart. Marjina expresses her trust in him. Shezade thinks that he was aware of the situation and so made fake wounds on himself. Ali thinks that he’s more cunning than he thought.

Alifi is searching for a way to change Poya back into humans. Rumana comes there with two more goats and reveals that they are Nafi and Haida. Alifi is shocked to hear it while Rumana exposes herself to Alifi . She says that she’s there to get her revenge and so caught them in the Jungle. She suggests that she could turn the goats back to humans and for that she needs to talk about Alibaba. Alifi thinks that in order to save the kids she needs to reveal that Ali is alive and gets worried. Ali thinks how to make Marjina see Shezade’s truth’. He gets the idea to take her to the Sach Ki Tasveer. He thinks that after that Marjina’s memory would be revived and they would get back together. He happily rotates when Marjina holds him from falling.

However she still pushes him away as revenge for what gets done in the market. She asks the reason for his happiness. Ali lies that he’s excited about the tasty food in Gul’s wedding. However he demands to have a good vessel to make one. He says that his father told about a secret place in the palace where they could get the vessels and asks her to come with him. He then stops and decides to wait till night time’. He makes excuses to complete his work first before leaving with her.

Shagufta suggests Shezade to not go out for a few days as the people already started suspecting him. She says if they don’t find the monster they would be assured that the monster is defeated by him. Shezade says that if he stays inside the palace then he would kill every person that comes in front of him. Marjina decides to come back after the night happens. Gul hears some noise and goes in the direction. Ali thinks that Shezade would have become the monster and would have left the palace and decides to take Marjina to Sach Ka Tasveer. Gul witnesses Shezade turning into a monster and gets terrified. Shezade attacks Gul. Ali takes Marjina with him when they hear Gul’s scream.

Shezade attacks Gul badly as a monster while Ali and Marjina witness it. Marjina is about to shout but Ali stops her. He feels confused about what to do. He diverts the monster and Marjina runs towards Gul. The monster leaves without attacking Marjina but the place catch fire. Marjina comes out on Ali’s saying and informs everyone about what happened. Ali saves Gul and takes her to get treated. Begam is worried that Gul would have seen Shezade transforming and wishes that she would be dead.

Precap : Marjina will ask physician about Gul’s condition. Physician will say that Gul is badly hurt and if she doesn’t wake up by the next day then she cannot be saved. Ali and Marjina will pray for Gul’s recovery on Ali’s saying. Shezade will say Shagufta begam that Gul saw him transforming and he had no option but kill her. Shagufta will say that Gul is not dead shocking him.

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